About Us

Identalhub.com is an initiative to provide a complete internet based dental resources portal having all kinds of up to date information on dental resources for consumers, dentists, dental suppliers, students. We at Identalhub.com have presented the dental information in most simple and easy to understand mode. For consumers Identalhub.com provides information on vide variety of dental conditions and procedures on patient education. We have included FAQs, which have answers to most common questions, which one would like to ask the dentist. Also we have included the facility of “Ask a Dentist” wherein the consumer can seek information about his specific problem through email from a dentist. The answers to the queries are sent to consumers within 48 hours at the email address given. Identalhub.com is providing listing of dentists specializing in different fields of dentistry for the benefits of consumers in their respective neighbourhood.

For dental professionals and dental products companies, we have introduced different types of modes of advertisement i.e. Banners, Enhanced Listings, Standard Listing & Classified Listings to cater to your all kinds of dental requirements. The uniqueness of Identalhub.com lies in displaying your information in most comprehensive way to the consumers. All our listing aim at providing you with maximum reach to patients/consumer of dental services at most affordable rates.