Free Dental Consultation


Patient: While looking for a dental solution, I landed up on and I was amazed to see the tab displaying “Patient’s get a Free Consultation”. Is it really so?

IDH: Yes, you are right. We have a team of dedicated who offer a free dental consultation.

Patient: How can I be assured that you won’t charge me anything? What is the catch?

IDH: Our main source of income is advertisements. We don’t undertake any clinical work; we only provide free online dental consultation.

Patient: That’s great! Can you suggest some criteria where getting a dental consultation is beneficial?

IDH: Not every dental condition requires a visit to dentist. Typically you can seek online dental advice

» When you are researching on a dental problem or its treatment and want to understand more about it.
» When you need to understand about the precautions and after care of dental procedures.
» When you are in pain during odd hours of the day.
» When going to a dentist or immediate appointments is not feasible
» When you need a second opinion.

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Dentists that are responding to your questions can not provide an accurate diagnosis without examining the patient or having all information about that patient being available to them. Dentists will provide you with general answers to your questions. makes no warranty of any kind with the respect to the answers given as response to your questions. Therefore, if you are seeking an accurate diagnosis, we suggest you schedule an appointment with your local dentist. It is your responsibility to use due diligence to determine what is proper treatment.