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Did you went to a prosthodontist for dentures? How much your dentures cost? $2000, $3000 or may be as high as $5000? Did you ever pondered that why these charges for dentures vary so much? In actual the amount that you pay for the denture depends on certain variables such as the quality and the functionality along with the longevity of the dentures. Apart from this there will be some additional costs like dentist’s fees and administration expenditure. So, all these things make up the average cost of dentures.

If you have noticed, you would have realized that most dentists offer you several different kinds of dentures based on your budget and your personalized needs. This way you have the variations to opt from a high priced to a low priced dentures. High priced dentures are more comfortable with longer shelf life but simultaneously needs a special care as compared to those with low costs.

The denture price that we have mentioned here are for compete set of  upper and lower dentures. If you want it only for maxilla or mandible than automatically the price will reduced to half. The high end models of dentures will cost you anywhere between $1000 to 5000. You might wonder that this is quite a bit of money; however, what you get in return is worth the investment. When you opt to invest this kind of money in a denture what you get in return is dentures that look like real. Even you wouldn’t be able to make out the difference when you look at yourself in the mirror. The gum portion which is the most difficult part in the denture to look realistic will be so in these dentures. The materials used in these are the best that money can get you. The teeth that are affixed to these dentures are long lasting, durable and made of acrylic resins which will enable you to have a good bite, with no chipping and cracking. You can comfortably use these dentures for years to come.

The lower you move in the chain of dentures based on their pricing then you will notice that they will have a warranty period that is declining from years to months. If you opt for the most basic of dentures which does not offer you a lot in terms of functionality or aesthetics then $300 will be all that you will need to invest in them. But, the flip side of these dentures is that they look far from natural, and are not long lasting too. The person wearing the dentures will not feel extremely comfortable in them and will be able to find out the difference immediately based on the quality.

A mid-range denture is good for all as it offers one great comfort with a fairly natural look to them. They come to one at a range of about $1000 which is good enough for a warranty that lasts anywhere from 1 to 2 years. Lots of patients select midrange dentures and are quite happy with that. Although you might be tempted to buy the cheapest one however, it will not be worthwhile in the long run.


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Posted By : alan on 17-Jan-2015 01:07 PM
i have wore sentures for over 20 years and hve had them fitted on the NHS but i hve decided to go privaTE AFTER problems with my NHS ones.I have a budget of just over £1000 and need to know if this will be enough and any recomendations near sw4 will be handy

Posted By : Lorna on 12-Jan-2015 05:25 PM
I am having top remove because gum disease, and my bottom teeth are still good. Will I have to have bottom taken out at some point? I brush my gums twice a day. Than you!

Posted By : Bill on 28-Apr-2014 02:17 PM
My wife has an upper- front fixed bridge for 3 missing teeth and a removable bridge for the rest. The anchor tooth for the removable is abscessed and has to be removed. What is best option for next replacement, considering cost, timing and convenience. Thanks

Posted By : Maite on 11-Mar-2014 09:48 AM
I have 22 out of the normal 28 teeth left. I have 10 upper teeth (molars are gone) and 12 lower teeth. I have one 2nd premolar that needs extraction and one 1st premolar that needs extraction. Is it time for dentures or partials? I cannot afford implants.

Posted By : Dr. Rtiz on 18-Apr-2013 10:23 AM
Judy, the super glue is not supposed to be used inside the mouth as it is for external use only. For repairing the dentures self cure resins are used. In my advice you should get the new teeth for the new denture as after using them for so long they must have weared by now.

Posted By : judy on 17-Apr-2013 04:56 PM
I had new dentures made the dentist used the same teeth in my old set an just used the new pink for them worked well with my budget. Been 7 years, cracked piece out an super glued until I can afford lower set to be made like this again wondering cost for this now? I did drop an cracked 3 yrs ago the dentist I took to repaired with super glue he didn't even know how to even get it smooth .My niece works for her husband hes a dentist I asked her you ever heard of a dentist using super glue an she said yes for $80 I paid I could of spent $4 for a tube of this glue, just need answer on the new gums using teeth I have as they were made impressions off my orginal teeth..thanks

Posted By : Dr.Ritz on 21-Jan-2013 10:08 PM

The decision for the full or partial depends upon the status of the remaining teeth. If the teeth are in good health and can function normally then you can go for the partial dentures otherwise go for the full dentures. For this you have to visit the dentist who after doing the proper clinical examination will advise you the best treatment plan.


Posted By : Dr.Ritz on 21-Jan-2013 09:57 PM

No, if there are multiple cracks then the denture can not be repaired. You have to get the new denture made. The cost of the lower denture will vary between $600 to $800 depending upon the place and the dentist.


Posted By : Linea on 01-Jan-2013 02:57 PM
I have about 3 root canals with crowns both top and bottom, and will be getting dentures soon. Is it better to get partials or full dentures.

Posted By : dianna on 31-Dec-2012 12:13 PM
I dropped my lower dentures and they broke, not a single clean break but lots of cracks and some splintering. How much does a new set of just lowers cost? Is there any possibility of repair?

Posted By : Dr.Ritz on 21-Nov-2012 02:39 AM

Hi STEPHEN,The various options which are available for replacing the missing tooth are:Dental Implants;Fixed bridges OR Partial Dentures.Implants are the best option for replacement of missing teeth but if there are some cost strains and you can’t afford the price of implants,then you can opt for fixed bridges.Porcelain bridges are preferably given for the front teeth and for back teeth, porcelain fused to metal bridges (PFM) can be given.Cost of porcelain fused to metal (PFM) bridges is around $600-$1000 per tooth and the cost of porcelain bridges is $900-$1200 per tooth.Dental insurances usually agree to pay half the cost of bridge.Hope that helps.Good luck!!


Posted By : Stephen on 20-Nov-2012 04:15 AM
I'm 26. I've lost 2 top teeth in the very back, one on each side. My two top front teeth have started rottening out from the inside. Now I have an embarrassing hole that I could probably fit 2 toothpicks through. Should I get some sort of bridge or just get top dentures? If a bridge, what kind & do you know a ballpark of the total cost from start to finish? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

Posted By : Dr. Ritz on 12-Apr-2012 12:08 PM
Roberta Crawford, For missing teeth you can go for the fixed bridges or the implants.You can go for removables also. the cost varies from place to place and it also depends upon which tooth is missing.You can go to the dentist and discuss the treatment plan

Posted By : Roberta Crawford on 09-Apr-2012 08:46 AM
I have 3 missing teeth, 2 up and one down..the rest of my teeth are fine..I am 64 years old and don/t know what I should do..I would like to know about partial plates. what is the cost of replacing 3 teeth and I would like to know about lumineers, whats the cost and are they worth the price..all my missing teeth are in the front.thank you.

Posted By : Dr Ritz on 27-Mar-2012 09:48 AM
Tammie, It is always better to save your natural teeth than to go for dentures especially at such a young age. And as you have osteopaenia the bone resorption wll be more with the dentures . It is difficult to comment in your case with out seeing the case clinically. If you are not satisfied with your dentist's treatment plan you can take second opinion.

Posted By : Tammie on 27-Mar-2012 09:29 AM
I am 25 and my teeth are terrible due to loss of bone density (osteopenia) and they hurt constantly, all of them. My dentist does not want to do dentures because I am low income, but all the work he wants me to finance is $3000, isn't that close to the same price for dentures? he wants to pull 6 teeth and do 2 root canals with crowns and 8 fillings. What would you suggest? Thank you.

Posted By : eric on 27-Feb-2012 11:28 AM
Need some advise on what to do and a ballpark cost. thanks to genetics and poor lack of care of teeth when i was younger my teeth are shot..i have only 1 moler on each side of mouth due to being pulled or breaking flush to the gum. my lower teeth i believe can be saved..my question is, having about 14 teeth that need pulled and getting an upper denture for now due to insurence max..what could i expect to pay

Posted By : Robert on 24-Feb-2012 04:11 AM
My teeth are going and going fast ever since I had braces put on to align my teeth in preparation for jaw surgery to take care of my under bite. Between a genetic bone disease and documented metal and adhesive allergies (and an orthodontist not wanting to listen to his patient) my teeth started cracking chipping and breaking (cracked and chipped several upon removal of the braces). I'm 27 and would like an honest ball park figure on a full set of dentures. Thanks

Posted By : Dr. Ritz on 20-Feb-2012 08:38 AM
Steven, If the upper teeth are really in good condition, only then these 2 should be saved. If they have short lifespan then it is better to get them pulled out and go for complete denture as the success of complete denture is more if all the teeth are remomved as compared to few teeth remain and that only if 2 teeth are left. So discuss this with ur dentist.

Posted By : steven on 20-Feb-2012 01:22 AM
i have bad teeth only three good teeth on top and 2 that might be saved but but my lucky might not work do u thing a full uper might be better i am pretty young used to have good teeth but now it is going down hilll

Posted By : Dr. Ritz on 11-Feb-2012 09:00 AM
Kathy, If the teeth in the lower jaw are loose and they cannot be saved then you can go for complete lower denture. There is no need to go for upper one as upper teeth are fine. You can go for removable denture or complete lower dentures with implants but for this the dentist has to see the bone and assess the case and only then decision can be made.

Posted By : Kathy on 10-Feb-2012 11:38 AM
I have a lot of bone loss in my lower jaw and about 10 years ago had a full permanent bridge put over my lower teeth with implants on each side. After a couple of years the implants fell out and my remaining teeth are so loose they hurt and I can't chew. I want to get lower dentures but I am hearing that I should get full dentures. My top teeth are not loose and I have a permanent bridge on them as well. Can you advise?

Posted By : Dr Ritz on 10-Feb-2012 10:17 AM
Chelsea, Even if you have very soft teeth, it is always better to save them as natural teeth are the best. But if you really want to pull them out then you can go for dental implants which are quite successful and give good results. But your dentist will assess the situation and tell you treatment plan. for cheaper options you can go for dentures. One set of upper and lower dentures will cost you arount $2200.

Posted By : Chelsea on 09-Feb-2012 10:52 PM
I have very soft teeth and have all of my life. I need many reparis done to me teeth and I'm not sure that it would be worth the fix. I'm thinking that my best option may be to get them puulled and get dentures. Can you help me?

Posted By : Dr Carl on 31-Dec-2011 02:25 AM
Scott, If you have missing teeth present, then you can get your missing teeth replaced with dental implants. Dental implants are best option for replacement of missing teeth. You can also opt for hybrid dentures which are implant suppoted dentures or get complete acrylic dentures.

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