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We all think of several different kinds of makeovers for ourselves in order to change the way we look. A dental makeover will certainly make you look your very best and give you the smile that you have always yearned for. It will make you look younger and more confident than ever before. But, alas! wish you could afford one. In that case you might want to consider going in for a free makeover.

Everyone wishes for a set of spotlessly white teeth just the kind that they were born with. When you see Hollywood actors and celebrities you sure wonder how they get this kind of teeth. Well, a makeover will certainly help you however; it costs a lot of money. It almost costs people about $5000 to have a makeover. Now, you wonder where on earth would you get this kind of money and give up the hope of smiling like a rock-star. But, do not despair you can get the help of a free dental makeover. The soaring cost of dental care need not put you off seeking a dental makeover.

There are several contests that are run which give away dental health makeovers as prizes. These contests are run by magazines, dentists themselves or else by the dental manufacturing companies. These contests are open to all and if you win them then you will be awarded a free dental makeover that will change your life forever.

These contests have huge upper limits and sometimes as much as $30,000 or even more. The magazines which sponsor these contests have several tie-ups with several companies which in turn donate the materials that will be needed for the makeover. In turn these companies get first hand publicity from the actual consumers themselves rather than only models.

In return you will need to feature in the magazine with the before and after photographs to show the readers how the treatment and makeover can really transform your life and looks for ever. Of course this is a small amount to pay for all the freebies that you receive. The competition is fierce in these competitions as who can resist a free lunch however, keep trying and you will hit the lucky makeover button someday.

Cosmetic dentistry is a big area and there is lots of publicity that is generated around it. There are dentists who do free makeovers for TV channels. These dentists need patients to work on and if you are willing to be aired on national television then you will be walking away with a free dental makeover. You can contact individual dentists to find out if they have any such schemes on them. You can even apply for these makeover shows online.

You can consider trying dental schools too. The work will be done like an expert as the students will be heavily supervised.There are experienced dentists too who need to keep up to date with the latest techniques and would like to try it out on someone first of all.


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Posted By : Angela on 14-Apr-2015 05:05 PM
Hello I'm a single mother of 5 . I'm 39 years old and in desperate need of cosmetic dental work. I was a military wife for eight years and was having kids for four of those years when my ex left us three years ago. I recently went to the dentist I have no insurance to cover cosmetic and I really need implants they're going to take all of my front teeth out and put a danger and I really doesn't want that".. If anyone knows of any way that I can get some help please inbox me. Thank you and God bless

Posted By : Kimberly on 08-Apr-2015 12:37 PM
Hi, my name is Kimberly and I would be the happiest person you ever meet if I could win a contest such as this. A smile make over would change my life. I believe a nice smile is like magic, it has the power to change other peoples lives.share a smile with others and it can warm someone heart. I also believe it is very good for your health to smile . I am so embarresed about my smile that I try not to smile so no one can see that I am missing a tooth on the bottom right in front that you can't help but notice when I talk or smile. I enjoy other people very much and I am a very positive person , but my smile holds me back from being the person that I am on the inside because I cant be the out going,and personal person I wan't to be. Please give me the opportunity to share my smile with the rest of the world.A smile is contagious and I would love to share mine with everyone I see. Thank you very much. Good luck to everyone. Kimberly Buckles

Posted By : PATRICIA HAITHCOCK on 07-Apr-2015 04:29 AM

Posted By : Peggy Williams on 05-Apr-2015 10:09 PM
Hello, I am a 60 year old breast cancer survivor. My husband pasted 2 years before I was diagnoised with cancer. Leaving me with 2 children, with some medical issues themselves. From the results of my chemo and radiation, it has ruined my teeth and I am not financially capable to have my teeth repaired. I work with young children at my church and I am embarrassed when I have to speak to anyone. I have 6 teeth left in my mouth, 5 of them on the left side and 1 on the right side that is so loose I should be able to pull it out. It must have a deep root and will not budge. They are paining me so badly and contributing to the dizzy headaches that I am continuing to have. Please can you help me to get better health with my teeth.

Posted By : patricia haithcock on 05-Apr-2015 04:39 PM
I would so love to smile again my face is starting to sag with no teeth dentures cause blisters in my mouth I miss eating crunchy food so much people make fun of my tootless smile I hide in corners to eat at resturants where no one can see me eat iam 49 and look 60 please help me thank u god bless u

Posted By : Tina on 30-Jan-2015 11:46 AM
I am 38. And have had problems my whole life. Periodontal disease has left me with receding gums,and bone. I can't afford the surgery I need to get the surgery I need. My teeth have been really crooked since childhood, now they are loose and it hurts to eat certain foods. My breath is horrible. No matter how much I brush,or rinse. I don't like to get close proximity to anyone because I know it is bad. I don't smile except with a closed mouth.I don't kiss my boyfriend. which puts a strain on our relationship, he is a big kisser.My kids ask me why I have ugly teeth and why I stink when I talk. I would love to really smile. I work in retail, and people are always talking about my breath and messed up teeth.I think I could get a better job if I had a better smile and healthy mouth. I would love to be a real estate agent one day, hard to picture that as it stands right now.

Posted By : Kimberly Buckles on 21-Jan-2015 10:18 PM
Hi, my name is Kimberly and I would love to have a new smile , one that I could share with the rest of the world. I am a very friendly person who enjoys making others feel good. I believe that a simple little smile from someone has the power to change someones day and possibly someones life. It does'nt cost any money and it dont take any time or effert to simply smile at another person. I also believe that when you smile its contagious and the world smiles back.I also think that smiling is healthy for a persons heart and soul. Smiling makes you feel good and there is nothing but positive things that come from a smile. I am so embarresed of my smile , I have a harder and harder time being the friendly person that I I was so used to being. I dont talk as much and I dont go around alot of people because I dont want anyone to see my teeth. I am missing a tooth right in the front on the bottom that you cant help but see when I talk or smile. It might not sound like a big deal to alot of people ,missing one little tooth but where that one little tooth used to be ,that empty spot feels like the size of a football field too me. I lost the tooth that used to go there so I had to think of some thing I could use to make a fake tooth .wellI came up with fake finger nails , I cut them down to the size I need and I use like 3 or 4 finger nails then I glue them on top of each other for thickness and then I file them to shape to fit where my tooth use to be. I have tried to glue it to my other teeth but most of the time it does not work and I always end up with a big mess and have glue all over my lips tounge and fingers. Then before too long I end up swollowing it and stating all over again in a day or two. If I ever won a contest such as this it would change my life . I wouldnt be able to put into words how greatful I would be . I am alsomissing teeth on the sides and in the back both top and bottom, the older I get it seems as if my teeth get wider and wider gaps between them . I have a difficult time eating most foods, because it either hurts or I am afraid of them breaking or simply comming out. I think if I ever won something like this ,I would not be able to stop smiling, I would probably be smiling in my sleep even. thank you for giving me a chance to win such an amazing and life changing opportunity.God Bless all of you that are a part of this contest. I want to share my smile with the rest of the world. Kimberly Kay Buckles

Posted By : Melissa on 24-Jul-2014 08:25 PM
Hi my name is Melissa, I'm so self confident because of how bad my teeth are. They are all black on the top right side. My front toe teeth are black as well. I hurt every single day. I'm a mother to a beautiful 6 year old daughter. I'm a survivor of domestic violence. I was hurt and put in the hospital. Last year in September my husband committed sucidie in front of me and our daughter. I want to smile again and have confidence in my smile.

Posted By : Devon on 17-Jul-2014 10:12 PM
I have read the posts, and realize I am not alone in my despair. Having being abandoned 18 yrs ago with very young children, saddled with my partner's debt, left with $500 in a plastic baggy, foolish enough to believe our family would be looked after if I gave up my career to stay home, naive enough to think my wealthy inlaws would help support my children when their son left us! I am proud to say I have endured much and conquered more! I now care give for my parents who are in their 90's, who have been invaluable in helping raise my children-it's easy to give back when we have received so much. I have been blessed with good family, good health for the most part, but have sacrificed 'me'. As a child my brother and I were at the mercy of a dentist who was very aggressive and bullying in his approach. I remember him showing me the big needle and actually pinning me down during treatment. It took a long time before I could walk back into a dental office as an adult. I have had restorative work done over a period of time - but I still don't smile, and am very self conscious of my cavity filled, discoloured set of chops :( I am a survivor and no longer a victim of unfortunate circumstances. If were to ask anything for myself - it would be the luxury of a beautiful smile. Thank you for your consideration and the opportunity!

Posted By : Barbara Ann on 07-Jul-2014 09:11 AM
Hello I am in need of dental work. My upper front tooth is chipping and breaking away and my other front tooth hurts me really bad. I have teeth missing also on the top and I can not chew right and my teeth hurt me so very badly. I am hoping and wishing for a major miracle please help me.

Posted By : mazie benjamin on 04-Jul-2014 07:50 AM
iam 53 yrs old my teeth is bad i have heart problem dentist start on me then stop take my money but my teeth is still not fished i have speend so much money over the years teeth is still not right i have no money now no insurance so i just gave up i have to put my teeth on the burner any way i have a 14 yr old son with a 4,450 gpa he want to be a lawyer so i just have to help him get to his goal but i would like to have my teeth done so when he graduate in the top ten i can smile and scream and dont have to cover my mouth help me some on one you canh test om my mouth if you need to i can be a help to people with heart problem thank you

Posted By : Michaella Williams on 03-Jul-2014 04:14 PM
Hi I'm 23 yrs old and i can't smile showing my teeth my teeth are in bad condition and feel like if I smile I'm going to be judged and usually am it would be a dream come true for me to be able to smile confidently without having to try and hide my teeth or cover them with my hand when I laugh I would love love love a dental makeover it really would change my life and make me a more happier confident person

Posted By : sue dodsworth on 30-Jun-2014 01:22 AM
Since the age of 17, i'm now 64, I have hated to smile. My dentist actually butchered my teeth according to the hospital who had to stitch me up. It's a long true story, and would love for once to have the comfidence, I feel my life has been wasted by this stupid mistake. I am willing to tell you everything.

Posted By : Lucy.Z. on 27-May-2014 01:41 AM
Hi I'm 40 yr old mother of 6 boys 19,17,15 yr old identical twins,9,7 I would really like to win smile makeover,I've never had a smile due to me having crooked teeth,I've had some teeth extracted due to calcium loss from having my sons,I would be so greatful if I won contest,that way I wouldn't have to cover my mouth anymore when I talk or laugh,I'm very self conscious because of my mouth,it would be awesome to finally smile and to take pictures with my sons with a smile with them.

Posted By : Jill bloom on 26-May-2014 12:52 PM
I am 62 yrs old,I am embarrassed by my bad teeth.I don't smile in pictures with my granddaughters because of my bad teeth.Not due to drugs! I cannot afford dental care to fix.pull or replace them.i do have insurance but even with it it will cost way to much.At this age I would like to retire,not go further in debt.Would anyone help an old woman?

Posted By : kristin ziegler on 09-May-2014 08:44 PM
Hi,my name is Kristin and I desperately need a dental makeover.My teeth are in terrible shape and I am only 32 years old!People notice smiles first when meeting new people,I haven't been able to flash a smile for years...

Posted By : SAUDAT on 07-May-2014 02:35 PM
I am a 33 yr old, from a family of ten, I was born in Africa and come from a family of ten, am the 6th born. We were never priviledged t have free dental at child hood, my teeth are crooked, and I never smile cause am embarassed t0 show m teeth, but above all I thank God for giving me everyting he has given me and made me who I am. Am kindly requesting if I could have a lovely smile in my life time, thanking you in advance.

Posted By : SUKHJIT KAUR on 03-May-2014 05:17 AM
I'm 51 yrs old single mother. I'm loosing my teeth and need an implant, I cant afford as its very expensive. I have lost my smile, laughter, self confidence and do't want to talk as people can see the missing gaps.Please help, Can I have a free makeover for my teeth

Posted By : Jennifer on 24-Apr-2014 04:51 PM
Hello,I am 36yr old single mother of 4 children, husband left me for younger woman and on my own to raise our disabled son who suffers from tramatic brain injury and a older daughter who has multiple medical problems, I am a survivor from small intestional cancer first Dx at 21yrs old and Thyroid cancer Dx 2010, I have Sarcoidosis and am in pain most of the time but despite all are hardships we are survivors me and my children, I have lost most of my teeth due to radiation over the years and malabsorbtion problems from the removal of section of small intestines, which left me getting treatment for many defiencies one being calcium. I have a hard time chewing things now and suffer from a dislocated jaw causing TMJ and nerve pain in my face from loss of teeth. I dont want to be alone my whole life because I was sick its not fair and i went back to school last year and currently am studying to be a nurse but I am so ashamed to smile and am afraid I will not get hired because of my missing teeth. I have no income, I am barely making it raising my children with no help from their father and child support not being enforced as it should be, every penny I get I use to take care of my family. There will never be any money let alone the kind of money needed to fix my teeth for me to use, I would do anything to get the chance to be part of a free dental makeover, makeover period! If your looking for a good person to use, please consider me. Thanks

Posted By : Dd sinc on 02-Apr-2014 04:54 PM
I'm a 33 yr old single mother. My child is 17 months old. My parents were terrified of dentists and never took us. Now many of my molars crumbled and broke at the gums during pregnancy. My front teeth are starting to do the same. For my daughter I worry I will embarrass her terribly when she realizes the other moms have beautiful smiles. I think that this plus the fact she has no father terrify me.

Posted By : vince on 01-Apr-2014 11:18 AM
Im 24 and almost have no top teeth I was prescribed adderrall which has rotted them, im in desperate dier need of help I have never been to a dentist office and its killing me, will someone plz help me, I cant even get a job noone will hire me or even call me back idk what to do anymore its embarassing I get made fun of constantly almost everyday I cant handle it anymore, if you have a heart plz help a young man in desperate need, thank you and may god bless you all!

Posted By : Danise Lapsley on 26-Mar-2014 03:12 PM
I, like another submiter, have been disabled due to a number of conditions, mostly dealing with chronic pain. Ranging from back injuries, fibromyelgia, chronic pain syndrome, server migraines, cancer in previous years, among other illness. I'm 36, am still alone, and from all of the above mentioned conditions, I have also suffered from extreme vomiting due to prior treatments, as well as current pain. All of which has distroyed my teeth. I've searched, and searched for a way to get the dental work I desperately need. I do not qualify for care credit, due to current credit situation, and now I'm experiencing some rather bad discomfort in my mouth. I know that I'm in need of certain extractions, fillings, possibly a root canal and crowns, as well as a partial denture in the top and maybe even the bottom. The very cheapest I was last quoted was around $9000 or more. As of my current living situation, I'm even now trying to find personal grants for living expenses. How would I ever be capable of finding or paying over $9000.00 for dental work I'm in such desperate need of. I'm already in so much bodily pain I can barely get out of bed, so how do I deal with the quickly increasing dental pain. All I know is I seriously NEED HELP. If there is anyone out there that could possibly help me, I'm in Tampa, Fl33625. Please email asap

Posted By : Melissa mckinley on 25-Mar-2014 06:55 PM
I am a 38 year old women all my life I have had problems with my teeth they were crooked at a young age I have lost some teeth then my teeth started to shift as an adult last year I have had a tremendous amount of problems with my teeth in 5 months I have had 6 root canals I am in so much debt from all theses procedure but even though I have had these root canals I am still in pain with some of the root canals now I have to remove them none of the dentist that I am seeing are of any help and don't know what's wrong I'm still in pain I really need help I am a young mom of three kids I just want my confedence and look decent to get into the work field please help

Posted By : barbara king on 25-Mar-2014 02:52 PM
I had a heart attack in 1995,a lung to stop funtion and heart attack i 2000,and all the medcine I am on has my teeth to starting falling out.I can't eat,I can't usher at church because I can't smile,I get tired of kids asking about my teeth.Please help me.

Posted By : JENNIFER M on 22-Mar-2014 07:10 PM
I am a single 33 year old mother of 4 children. Ages 15, 13, 10, and 3. I have Crohn's Disease and had surgery already to have 5 feet of my large intestine and 8 feet of my small intestine removed and reconnected. I have been doing a little better with my Crohn's however now my teeth are falling out really fast. Rotting from the inside out. The doctors said I do not absorb the nutrients I need for my teeth. I now only have 6 teeth on top in the front but 2 of them are rotting at the gums already and will fall out real soon, and I have 7 on the bottom in the front. I have no molars left. 3 teeth on the bottom are about to fall out. I was always told I was so beautiful and I was always one the loved to smile. Now I don't want to be seen by any one. I don't talk to anyone. I don't have a life. It is so embarrassing being 33 and having no teeth. I recently lost everything. My job, house and everything. I have no medical insurance and no dental insurance and can not afford teeth. I would love to be blessed with a dentist that would put the all in 4 teeth in for me and help me. It would change my whole life and my children's life. They have said that I am not the same person anymore. That I don't want to do anything else with them. That is furthest from the truth. I would love to be comfortable enough to go out in public and be seen again. If there is an Angel out there that can help me Please Help. You would change my whole life. Thank you so much for listening and considering to help me.

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