Procedure for Full Mouth Extractions

When a patient has been diagnosed by the dentist that he needs Full Mouth Extractions and no other alternative left then top most anxiety in the patient’s mind is that how the full mouth extractions will be carried out by the dentist or oral surgeon, how much pain and suffering, pain he/she has to undergo after full mouth extraction procedure and what will be healing time after this procedure. The operating dentist though explains everything in detail to the patient but sometimes due to fear or anxiety mind goes blank and every thing told by dentist goes out of mind. Though full mouth extractions are major in dentistry but there is nothing to worry as full mouth extraction can be carried out in a single appointment or it can be carried out in a number of visits.  

One visit Procedure For Full Mouth Extractions

If all the remaining teeth have to be extracted in a single visit as full mouth extraction then anesthesia is given in all regions of mouth and teeth are extracted in a particular order. If many teeth are remaining in the mouth, patient has to be placed on iv infusion drip so as to prevent dehydration. If multiple teeth are present in a single quadrant, sutures are given which are removed after about one week.

Advantages of full mouth extractions in single visit are 
  1. Number of appointments is reduced
  2. Local anesthesia has to be given lesser number of times which has its own complications that are avoided in this procedure. 
A disadvantage of full mouth extractions in single visit is that 
  1. Patient has to face esthetic and functional problems associated with period of complete edentulism. 

Multiple Visit Procedure For Full Mouth Extractions 

If patient does not want to get full mouth extraction of in a single visit then two or three teeth are extracted in a one visit from same side of the mouth so that person can chew from the opposite side. In this procedure firstly posterior teeth are extracted and then anterior teeth in the later appointments so as to maintain the esthetics. This procedure is advantageous when immediate denture is to be inserted.


Advantages of Full Mouth Extractions in Multiple Visits  

  1. Period of complete edentulism can be avoided by inserting an immediate denture after full mouth extraction.
  2.  Full mouth extractions in multiple visit is less traumatic procedure 

Disadvantages of Full Mouth Extractions in Multiple Visits  

  1. More number of appointments for full mouth extraction.
  2. At each appointment for full mouth extraction local anesthesia has to be given.

Precautions to Be Taken after Full Mouth Extraction of Teeth

  1. Leave the gauze placed by the dentist at the extraction site undisturbed for 30 minutes after that remove and discard it. If the bleeding still continues place another piece of gauze at place and bite on it for another 30 minutes.
  2. Do not have hot beverages and alcohol for at least 24 hours after full mouth extraction procedure as it may induce more bleeding.
  3. Eat soft meal from the opposite side of mouth where extraction has been done during the full mouth extraction procedure.
  4. Do not spit vigorously after extraction for 24 hours as it may lead to dislodgement of clot.
  5. To prevent excessive swelling, put an ice pack from outside of your face on the extraction area of teeth during the first 12 to 24 hours of full mouth extraction. Apply this pack alternately with 10-20 minutes on then 10-20 minutes off.
  6. Do not smoke for at least 48 hours after full mouth extraction procedure.
  7. Do not brush the area of surgery for at least 1 day after extraction, after that use a soft brush to clean the area.
  8. After 24 hours, rinse your mouth with warm saline after every meal for about a week. This will prevent any infection in the mouth. Warm saline rinses help a lot in healing after full mouth extraction
  9. Take the medication as directed by your dentist to avoid any discomfort after full mouth extraction.
  10. Drink lots of fluids to aid in faster healing of wound after full mouth extractions.

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Posted By : missy on 23-Apr-2014 03:34 PM
Hi everyone I am Missy and have a few concerns. I just had a full mouth extraction (28) teeth and my dentist just numbed my mouth really well any way my concern is how long after the extraction can you put your gums together i know this is odd but I have tryed to see if I could do it but I cant is this normal? also I had a sever gum desease and she recommends waithing at least 2 months before getting dentures how ever I did not have any impersions or anything yet so I am wondering how the procsess works.. thank you all and good luck to everyone

Posted By : anthony on 10-Mar-2014 10:52 PM
i just had 29 teeth extracted in one visit... i am in major pain. any other ideas on how to deal with it besides pain killers or ice bags??

Posted By : Dr.Ritz on 25-Sep-2012 11:55 PM

Hi SPARKLE,You are right,lower dentures are mostly loose as they have lesser surface area as compared to upper dentures.Also,our muscular tongue tends to push against the lower denture,causing it to slide out of the mouth.However,this is not true for all the patients.Eating with dentures can be difficult at first.A soft diet is advised at first to keep pain to a minimum.Patients should cut food into small pieces and eat slowly,chew on both sides of the mouth,bite using the front teeth when possible,chew up and down rather than side to side,and avoid bringing the lower teeth forward against the upper teeth to cut foods.


Posted By : Sparkle on 25-Sep-2012 12:55 PM
I am 39 years old and I had full mouth extration 3 months ago today. My teeth were a HOT mess, I really had no other choice..I was awake for the entire 3 hour process, that only gave me local anestetic...which is what i wanted..They placed the upper and lowers in my mouth right after will have swelling and your lip will look like it is sticking out sum, but after 2 weeks, they start to fit in place alot better, and more so in time...I am waiting to go back in 9 months to a year for bottom implants...the top is comfortable no issues, but the bottoms they do warn you they rock and their not the most comfortable to wear...Your eating habits will of your new friends for a while will be soup!! hope this helps a few going through the same experience..

Posted By : jeff on 16-Aug-2012 09:34 AM
Hi all i just had a full upper extraction done 3 days ago and so far im ok, the pain is still there but it has decreased 10 fold i am using tylenal T3's as painkillers and Amoxicillen as the antbiotic and they are working good so far.I had a bad experiance with a dentice when i was very young and i am still affraid to this day but now that all my teeth are gone im looking forward to getting my dentures, it has be a day long comming. It can be expensive to continue getting work done. I do recommend getting a full extraction because i have never had staight teeth ever so i think this is the best way to go for me.

Posted By : Dr.Ritz on 12-Jun-2012 09:32 PM
KIM, Dental implants can be placed immediately after dental extraction, termed as immediately post extraction implant. some implants are placed after couple of months and are termed as delayed immediate post extraction implant.while the implants placed after some time are delayed implants...

Posted By : Kim on 12-Jun-2012 02:30 PM

I have just had full mouth extraction surgery. I have made the decision to do implantsl I am really not a denture kinda girl. I have these dentures that were given to me and I have only had them in a few times. they are too too big, they hurt, nd they push my lips out so far I look like a circus animal. How soon before I can get the implants done.I cant east at all with these things


Posted By : Dr Carl on 29-Dec-2011 01:17 AM
Anastasia, Your dentist must have used a bite block. Bite block is used to keep the mouth of the patient open and to stabilize the forces and to limit forces of temporomandibular joints. In case of multiple teeth extraction, extraction of upper back teeth is done first followed by front teeth extraction. In your case, your dentist might have used cheek retractor to gain access to tooth. In case of long dental appointments, bite block is given.There is no harm in using bite block.

Posted By : anastasia shewchuk on 28-Dec-2011 10:13 PM
My husband just had all his uppers Pulled out and the only thing that had concerned me that i found unusual was A: they took a break while performing this oral surgery, and used a bite guard in his mouth. When i have had any teeth pulled I had an instrument used that stretched my lips and opened my mouth wider.. What is the common practice used? I know myself I am never seeing this dentist again.

Posted By : Dr Ritz on 28-Nov-2011 12:13 AM
Al, If there is tooth fragment in one of the tooth extraction socket, then you can get it removed. If size of tooth fragment is less than 5milimeters and tooth is not infected, then the tooth fragment will resorb on its own. If the size of tooth fragment is more than 5mm or if the tooth is infected, then you need to get the tooth fragment pulled out. If it is a bony flake which is formed after tooth extraction, then it can be smoothened or can be removed. Bony flake can interfere with healing of tooth extraction socket. For faster healing to take place, you can continue with warm saline rinses. Keep following the instructions of your dentist and take the pain meds as prescribed to avoid any infections and for faster healing to take place.

Posted By : Al on 26-Nov-2011 12:29 PM
Four days ago I had a full mouth extraction of 21 teeth in Acuna, Mexico, and same-day fitting of upper and lower plates. The lady dentist was trained in implants and oral surgery, had over 10 years licensed experience, and was a member of the American Dental Association. After gum numbing with novocaine she had all of my teeth extracted in about an hour and twenty minutes. Most of them were the "difficult" kind, broken off with very little to get a grip on. Two required drilling and breaking into smaller pieces. None were wisdom teeth, fortunately, but the roots were exceptionally long. The uppers were removed first, then the lowers. I had stopped my daily aspirin for four days prior and there was almost no bleeding or pain. With my tongue I can feel what seems like a small bone ir tooth chip in one of the lower front sockets but, thanks to this forum, know this is not unusual. With a lifetime of bad brushing habits I feel I've done quite well and have nothing to complain about at getting my first dentures at 80 years old. They will take considerable getting used to, perhaps like learning to play the piano. First impressions are that I have a bunch of coordinated rocks in my mouth or am wearing mouth shoes. Definitely not what I expected. But I realize I'm in too big a hurry. It's only been four days. Estimated cost by a U.S. dentist was $7,100. Total cost in Acuna, Mexico, was $1,100. The equipment was first rate, as was the dentist. Gloves and a mask were worn at all times. Infection was found so I was given an antibiotics injection and an ample supply of antibiotics and pain pills to last for two weeks. Full mouth extractions is serious business but not as bad as expected. Learning how to eat solid food afterward is going to be the biggest challenge.

Posted By : Dr Ritz on 09-Sep-2011 10:16 PM
The time taken for tooth extraction depends on the procedure used to remove the teeth, mobility of the teeth, number of teeth which needs to be removed, the oral surgeon doing the extraction etc. Nerve block anesthesia is given to the patient and all the teeth from the anesthetized side can be removed after this. The number of appointments and the the number of times local anesthesia is given is reduced by doing full mouth extractions.

Posted By : Dennis Davie on 09-Sep-2011 06:22 AM
About how long [ In Hours ] does a Full Dental Extraction take.

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