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Why Are Teeth Stained After Braces Removal

Lots of people who have braces are worried that when they will remove those braces their teeth will be stained. Usually the stains left behind are if you don’t brush properly or regularly. Do not forget to brush your teeth vigilantly reaching to the farthest of crevices so that you are left with teeth that look real good. Food can get easily trapped in between the braces and leave stains behind. Even after taking regular care you still find that your teeth are stained after you have had your braces removed you can have them polished and whitened by the dentist.

Braces are of several kinds. Invisalign braces will not stain your teeth at all. In case you have other kinds of braces you can do everything in your might to keep the stains under control by maintaining a severe check on your teeth hygiene. Brush, floss and mouth wash everyday religiously. Later, when your braces are removed you won’t have much of a stain on them. Your dentist might also bleach your teeth which will make the stains disappear permanently. And all you will be left with are a straight set of whitest of white of teeth which might be mistaken for pearls.


If your teeth were really clean and white when the braces were put on and you did not maintain the same brushing technique whilst the braces were on then when they are removed you will have white and yellow spots on your teeth. Just brush nice and hard and try to remove those stains. However, stains really don’t happen to a lot of patients who wear braces. In case of removable braces you are at an advantage as they can be removed to clean your teeth well enough.


At times the food particles that aren’t reachable and get trapped underneath the teeth beneath the braces leave stains that are quite stubborn. The white stains caused like this are initial carious lesion known as incipient lesions. If one does not take care then this can cause the decay of the tooth but if one brush properly twice a day with fluoridated tooth paste then these lesions can be remineralized. If one wants to avoid having stains after the braces are removed then the best thing is to maintain very good oral hygiene by brushing properly so that no food particles remain trapped between the teeth and the braces and t floss the teeth properly otherwise you can have the stains which gives very unaesthetic look. It is not always that the stains are there because of decay but sometimes it can be because of the remnants of the glue which is used to glue the bracket on the teeth. One should not be worried about them as the can be easily removed by cleaning and polishing. Normally when the braces are removed the dentist does the cleaning and polishing of the teeth so that all the extrinsic stains can be removed.


One question mostly asked by the patients is that if they want to go for the whitening of teeth like bleaching can they get it done with braces? Will not get the answers is no. as the area of the tooth covered by the bracket will not get bleached and the tooth will give blotchy appearance when the braces are removed. The area which is bleaches will be whiter and the area where the brackets are put will be paler. So if one wants to go for whitening of the teeth that should be done after the removal of the braces.


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Posted By : Alice on 23-May-2015 10:27 AM
I have had braces for a while and I have terrible brushing habits so im scared that i will have squares on my teeth. is there any way to fix that or minimize it?

Posted By : Anne on 28-May-2014 03:18 AM
Hello, I had braces when I was 10-12 years old, retainers 12-14 years old. I hate to disappoint the people who say braces do not discolor the teeth but they do. I have before and after picture of my teeth. Before the braces, my teeth were white, after the braces my teeth were grey and there is a stripe across my teeth where the metal bands were. Metal braces cause intrinsic staining that is caused by dental restoration procedures that use corrosive agents like that cement or adhesive that is used to cement those bands on the teeth, it has nothing to do with hygiene. The hygiene excuse is just that, an excuse to take the responsibility away from the orthodontist who should've gave informed consent regarding braces! Back when my braces were taken off, I heard the same song and dance, all you need is a cleaning and polishing and your teeth will be back to the way they were. That was 35 years ago! I had many many cleanings, even did teeth bleaching. All the bleaching did was make the teeth so sensitive, my teeth ache if I do not use Sensodyne toothpaste. Metal braces discolor teeth, I would stay away from them and use invisalign.

Posted By : Molly on 25-Mar-2014 06:35 PM
What kinds of toothpastes are best for helping minimize this type of discoloration?

Posted By : Regan on 12-Dec-2013 06:59 PM
I have braces and I brush like im supposed to but both sides of my family have naturally bad enamel and I have found several cracks in the past two months... is it me or the teeth that I've inherited?

Posted By : Dr.Ritz on 31-Aug-2012 02:38 AM

Dear CRAZY, Its common to see tooth discoloration after braces. It is due to improper oral hygiene and non feasablity to tooth brush to clean the areas. Don't worry you will get professional cleaning that will remove all the discoloration.


Posted By : Crazy on 29-Aug-2012 09:30 PM
If I accidentally broke off one of my brackets and see a lil white spot is that the glue and If not will the lil white spot come off after they take my braces off and clean them?

Posted By : Dr.Ritz on 12-Jul-2012 10:59 PM
Reagan no there are no chances that u will have yellow spots if u maintain a good oral hygiene during braces.Just be more alert , always brush or atleast rinse ur mouth after every meal and use the brush to clean each and every corner of ur braces for white teeth.Otherwise the food that collects in the nooks and corner of braces will cause tooth decay and stainiung of teeth.

Posted By : Raegan on 12-Jul-2012 12:24 PM
I have a question. I have braces right now and my oral hygiene is better. I can kinda tell my teeth are whiter than they were before braces. Will i have yellow spots? I use regular tooth paste no whitning tooth paste

Posted By : Dr. Ritz on 14-Apr-2012 10:18 AM
Sarah,If you are maintaining very good oral hygiene with braces then chances of having yellow spots are quite less after the braces removal. But if you are using whitening tooth pastes then the area of the tooth which is covered by bracket does not get whiten and the yellow spots are seen. so it is better if you do not use whitening tooth pastes with the braces on.

Posted By : Sarah on 13-Apr-2012 10:03 PM
One quick question, what if my oral hygiene is better now, with braces, then it was before braces? Is it possible to be left yellow marks underneath the braces anyways? I'm also currently using a multi-benefit toothpaste. Will the whitening effects increase the likelihood of yellow spots? Thanks.

Posted By : Dr Ritz on 19-Mar-2012 08:04 AM
Derek,If yo maintain very od oral hygeine thenthere is no reason to have the stains . Normally also the dentist do the cleaning and polishing after the remoal of the brackets

Posted By : Derek on 19-Mar-2012 12:09 AM
Ifi brush my teeth once a day will my teeth be stained after my braces are taken off?? Could I use anything right now to make sure my teeth have no stains for when they take off my braces?? I'm probably getting my braces taken off next month

Posted By : Dr Ritz on 27-Oct-2011 10:42 PM
Emma, Stains can occur after braces treatment if patient doesn't maintain good oral hygiene and doesn't brush and floss his teeth regularly. Incipient lesions can also occur below brackets due to food accumulates there. If there are stains after braces removal, then patient can get dental cleaning done and can get teeth whitening or bleaching done 1month after braces removal to remove the stains. If there are incipient lesions present, then fluoride application can be done to remineralize the enamel. If patient brushes and flosses regularly and there are no food accumulates around, then no stains will occur after braces removal. So take care of your teeth with braces and maintain good oral hygiene.

Posted By : Emma on 27-Oct-2011 03:36 PM
thanks! that helped alot. but i just wanna ask a question to make sure... if you have stains when you get your braces off can they come off everytime? sorry just wanna make sure cause i have braces and i can see little stains on the bottom of my teeth and im afraid im gonna have square stains too. can the stains ALWAYS come off?? Thanks! :)

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