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How to Control Gag Reflex in Dental Office

One of the major causes of gag reflex is as mentioned earlier, fear. If the dentists would help the patient address the fear and overcome it, the patient will feel .....

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Whether Music Help Relieve Dental Anxiety

Most patients and doctors have been trying to answer this question in the hopes of finding solutions to anxiety problems when it comes to dental care. Because use .....

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Fear of Dentists and Pain

As they say prevention is better than cure, it goes the same for oral health. It’s good to keep good oral hygiene and to go for regular dental check-ups rather .....

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Factors Affecting Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety has been associated with many factors, some related to dental clinic and some not. The factors usually associated with dental anxiety are:


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Causes And Symptoms of Dental Anxiety

Symptoms of Dental Anxiety - Dental anxiety consists of both emotional and physical symptoms. Physically the body tries to cope with the stress or a threatening .....

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Understanding Dental Anxiety

Dentist office always reminds of the pain and cries from drilling. Dental phobia is one of the major blocks in not visiting dentist office and escaping treatment .....

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