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What is the Vital Breathing-Method

The Buteyko (bew-tay-ko) - It is a system of breathing analysis and correction that helps you achieve good health through optimal breathing. It .....

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What is Chronic Mouth Breathing?

Chronic mouth breathing has long been a concern for dentists and orthodontists due to the problems it causes or contributes to

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Effects of Mouth Breathing

The mouth breathers breathe through mouth instead of nose. They keep their mouth open. It affects the dentofacial structure. The teeth and the gingiva are affected .....

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Treatment Of Mouth Breathing

For the treatment of the mouth breathing there are few considerations which should be considered. If we take into consideration these factors the treatment can be .....

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Mouth Breathing Vs Nasal Breathing

Normal breathing is Silent, day and night Nasal- at rest and with exercise efficient, satisfying Soft, easy and medication free. Mouth .....

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Are you a dysfunctional breather

Many times we donot know that we are Mouth Breathing. However mouth breathing can be easily detected by self tests. .....

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