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We all think of several different kinds of makeovers for ourselves in order to change the way we look. A dental makeover will certainly make you look your very best and give you the smile that you have always yearned for. It will make you look younger and more confident than ever before. But, alas! wish you could afford one. In that case you might want to consider going in for a free makeover.

Everyone wishes for a set of spotlessly white teeth just the kind that they were born with. When you see Hollywood actors and celebrities you sure wonder how they get this kind of teeth. Well, a makeover will certainly help you however; it costs a lot of money. It almost costs people about $5000 to have a makeover. Now, you wonder where on earth would you get this kind of money and give up the hope of smiling like a rock-star. But, do not despair you can get the help of a free dental makeover. The soaring cost of dental care need not put you off seeking a dental makeover.

There are several contests that are run which give away dental health makeovers as prizes. These contests are run by magazines, dentists themselves or else by the dental manufacturing companies. These contests are open to all and if you win them then you will be awarded a free dental makeover that will change your life forever.

These contests have huge upper limits and sometimes as much as $30,000 or even more. The magazines which sponsor these contests have several tie-ups with several companies which in turn donate the materials that will be needed for the makeover. In turn these companies get first hand publicity from the actual consumers themselves rather than only models.

In return you will need to feature in the magazine with the before and after photographs to show the readers how the treatment and makeover can really transform your life and looks for ever. Of course this is a small amount to pay for all the freebies that you receive. The competition is fierce in these competitions as who can resist a free lunch however, keep trying and you will hit the lucky makeover button someday.

Cosmetic dentistry is a big area and there is lots of publicity that is generated around it. There are dentists who do free makeovers for TV channels. These dentists need patients to work on and if you are willing to be aired on national television then you will be walking away with a free dental makeover. You can contact individual dentists to find out if they have any such schemes on them. You can even apply for these makeover shows online.

You can consider trying dental schools too. The work will be done like an expert as the students will be heavily supervised.There are experienced dentists too who need to keep up to date with the latest techniques and would like to try it out on someone first of all.


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Posted By : Pamela Lynn Taylor on 25-Aug-2015 10:34 AM
I would love to have a smile makeover I would love to smile and feel good and beautiful about it. And not feel ugly.

Posted By : Jessica Toothless on 07-Jul-2015 02:23 AM
Hi, my name is Jessica. I'm 37 yrs old and have horrible teeth. When I was growing up I had the perfect teeth.I was also addicted to eating ice by the loads. Later, I found out I had chronic anemia. I've suffered a many of years with toothaches and infections. Anemia-free and years later I have only 10 teeth. It wasn't a big deal at first, I thought at least no more pain and they were all my side and back teeth. You really couldn't tell I had missing teeth.But now my two front teeth have broken off. Who knew that eating ice would do this much damage. I have become depressed and don't leave my home. I went to see how much the cost was going to be and I was quoted $2300, which I cant afford even with my insurance.Right now, I'm going to college online. When I finish obtaining my degree, I wish to go into the workforce with a smile and confidence.

Posted By : Faye on 30-Jun-2015 04:29 PM
I am 57 years old and after working hard all my life have had to give up and be on disability after 7 back surgeries and others as well. My teeth have had repair work throughout the years and I had insurance. In my 50's my teeth started growing crooked and I broke one off and had it pulled, it's next to my crowned baby tooth. I have both baby teeth crowned and never had my permanent incisors....thanks to heredity. I had to max credit cards to get invisalign to straighten them or would keep breaking more and more teeth off. I am in need of bridge work which is not covered by medicaid, implants would even be better but I know that will probably never happen on my very low disability income. I feel bad that I'm so depressed about this too....since every day I suffer pain with my back and neck and fibromyalsia. My mom traumatized me as a child. She would take out her teeth and tease us with them. I can't deal with partials that come out or dentures ever. I only wish for help with this and at least not have to be embarrassed by my teeth, it would make dealing with the extreme pain I suffer every day with a little more bearable. I pray for a miracle.......

Posted By : kelly tice on 23-Jun-2015 04:44 PM
was told today dentures might not even work for me my jaw is misaligned. There would be nothing there to keep them in place. I cried my eyes out I had perfect teeth till I got health problems. I can't work or drive I don't have dental ins. and I'm very low income. All I want is a pretty smile I need help.

Posted By : alan soliman on 20-Jun-2015 11:07 PM
I can sure use a makeover...

Posted By : Mary on 13-Jun-2015 07:10 PM
When I was 11 I had braces. My teeth weren't that crooked, but one of my adult incisors never formed. The orthodontist's solution was to pull out the baby tooth and the adult tooth on the other side move all my teeth forward and file my two cuspids square to look like incisors. His solution to my overcrowded bottom teeth was too file between them to make more room. Now that I'm 50, the damage done to my teeth has become horribly obvious. I now have three teeth that have broken, one of which is right up front, and the rest of my teeth are in danger of doing the same. After the economy tanked I lost 70 % of my clients and cannot afford to see a dentist, and being a hairdresser I'm finding it extremely difficult to rebuild my client base with a broken tooth right up front. Please help!!!

Posted By : Michele on 11-Jun-2015 08:03 PM
I am 36 years old and I have a smile that is just bad to look at I have little to no confidence I don't go out a lot I don't take pics because of my smile I am a overweight person but my smile is what is keeping me from doing anything and I am praying everyday that I can get the dental work that I desperately need I can't afford the work I don't work and can't find any work cuz I don't have the confidence to get out there to work and I hope if I can get my teeth fixed I will be a strong and confident woman that I know I can be please help me

Posted By : Stacie on 10-Jun-2015 07:32 PM
I have been obsessed with my teeth and teeth in general for years. I always had perfect teeth with only 2 cavities. In my 20's I did the unthinkable, I injected silicone into my lips after lots of collagen and implants. I developed cysts and crazy pressure against my teeth. This mixed with chronic acid reflux since I was 18 started to take a severe toll on my teeth. They actually started to disintegrate. My jaw bone softened and I started getting cavities everywhere. I was grinding my teeth and they were disappearing. I had three root canals, a bridge, lumineers on all of the front teeth to try to save them. Almost $30,000 later. Everything broke off. I got pregnant with my first and only child at 38. Couldn't take my mess for reflux. Vomited everyday and lost all lumineers, crowns, developed more cavities. That was 6 years ago. I have had 4 procedures to build up my jawbone, two teeth pulled two implants, and a start of an implant. My teeth are a mess but I ran out of money, hope, and courage. I'm in so much pain everyday of my life. I have bone showing, missing teeth, broken teeth and feel like I can never smile again. I don't trust dentist anymore. They all took my money, made me promises, and never helped me ????

Posted By : Frances Cavallo on 09-Jun-2015 09:29 PM
I am hoping and praying that one day,someone will help me to get a smile back on my face! I am a 54 year old Mom and Grandma, and I am so ashamed and embarrassed by my teeth! I had a smile that was beautiful until domestic violence and medications took away! People look at you, like you are garbage or a drug user, which could not be farther from the truth! I hate drugs and alcohol, have seen what it has done to other people! I am a Home Health Aide, love my clients like family, but you have to be very close and personal with my clients, and it is so hard, to be face to face with them, and see the look on their faces when they look at my teeth! I love to help others, I always have gone out of the way to do it! My ex husband, still, to this day, teases me, when he has the opportunity, or my children, about my ugly teeth, he knows home much it hurts, and is very cruel, even though he started this, and to think I stayed with him for 25 years, from 15 to 40, I didn't think I deserved better, but finally figured that much out! I feel like I want to be able to fix them, just to show him, that someone could care about another person, enough, to help fix my teeth! I pray several times a day, that someone will help me, is that possible? Is there someone out there, that would give me this blessing? I have had a hard life, so many have it even harder than me, and i do know that, but mine has been hard enough, since the day I was born, sexually, mentally, physically and mentally abused! I don't like to go out, go to the store, or even public places because of it, it saddens me, my poor Grandkids! I want to enjoy life with them, but really can't do that. Sometimes I think, I mustn't really be worth it, or God would send someone to help me by now! Please, I beg anyone, I would do anything, advertisements, testimonials, anything at all, please, I am begging you to help me!!! Most of my teeth, all the bottoms are gone, and a couple of the tops, when I had insurance coverage. I can answer any questions that you might have, about myself, my family, etc. Please help me! I will speak to anybody that you would want me to, as well. I want to share my smile and happiness with everyone, people that I know and people that I don't know, it would be such a wonderful thing!!! You could not imagine how much gratitude there could be, how much happiness and joy you would give me! You would make it possible to enjoy life again! Thank you for taking the time to read this!!! God Bless Everyone who reads these stories! May everyone who asks for help, find it somewhere! Have a wonderful, blessed day!!!

Posted By : Barbara on 08-Jun-2015 07:58 AM
I'm 61 years old I would love to be able to feel my tongue on my pallet..when I was a child I had an infection in my mouth so I had to go to dentist..that was my first time ..I think I was in 5th or 6th thing I knew after infection was dad took me to the dentist .when I woke up I had an almost full denture it was a partial the time I was 16 I had a full denture..I thought that everyone had dentures..till I was on my own.when I went to the dentist and he told me I could have saved my teeth but my family couldn't afford to do all the expensive dental work..I was traumatised for years..I used all the money so I could save my lower teeth.Now at my age I really need help with them .I don't have money to fix them I had to have one extracted I cried and cried..I know it's a matter of time before I lose them all due to finance and health..I'm on disability seniors get no help with dental..I remember when I was young I would have dreams of my teeth coming back in like a sharks..I would pray at night that I would get a second chance since I didn't have a chance the first time..I really would give everything up to beable to have implants to feel my pallet like others due.But even if I could afford it I probably don't have enough bone ..since I never take them out an I've had dentures since I was a kid..when I got older I had twin girls I lived my mouth through them ...had them brush all the time floss keep there mouth clean,got braces for in there thirty's they have had WONDERFUL white smiles I wanted to teach them what no taught me..I'm so proud of them.I wish I had their smile. I feel there is no help for me bone loss and bad bottom teeth keep me from grandkids have asked me what happened my bottom teeth are chipped and black and I have crowns an I grind my teeth at so sad ..I know not having them fixed will hurt my health but like many of us out there we don't have the finances to fix our problems..CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP...

Posted By : PAMELA ROBINSON on 08-Jun-2015 06:03 AM

Posted By : trish nel on 24-May-2015 11:40 PM
I am a single mother of two boys, in 2005 i was living in the bronx,NY with my son's father. we got into an arguement and he puched me in the face and knocked my teeth out. also I was on an birth control, that leads to low calicium production in the body. I was suppose to be taking calicum supplements, and i did on and off for a few years, anyways that lead into teeth falling out. Please i really need a smile, I am so tired of trying to disguise my missing smile.

Posted By : Barbara Washington on 17-May-2015 09:39 AM
Hi, I'm 53 year old Barbara. I am in need of a dental makeover. I have missing and rotten teeth. I am so ashamed of my teeth. I had a bad experience with a dentist who told me he could not tell where my pain was coming from because my teeth were is such bad shape, that was really painful but mentally and physically. This led me to fear dentists. I am getting married the end of 2015 and would love to take pictures of me smiling. Please help me.

Posted By : melanie campbell on 17-May-2015 09:36 AM
I am sure that this is over now, and if it is, I am sadden to see I missed this chance. Here is my life story: I am a single mom to a son who was born with a disability. He means the world to me and sadly I feel like a monster to be seen really near him at all. I don't smile cause I have no teeth really to do so.... At the age of around 14-15, I had a serious bike accident on a ten-speed. I nearly ripped my lower face off and my upper face looked like raw hamburger meat ( as my mom said to me).. from this accident and them putting my face back together, they removed all dead tissue, muscle, nerves and what not. I was told before that i would sadly lose my teeth and very sadly i have seen each one go away one by one. I really cant feel any of them when they do fall out, crumble or just disappear. Watching people look and stare at you.... or talk behind your back hurts soooo much.... I was told you are scary looking.. I am a person with a great personality who loves to talk, and make people laugh and smile... but is scared to do that myself.. All i want to do is not look like a picture of a witch, or a jack-o-lantern... but to smile with confidence and ACTUALLY get a job... Cause NO ONE will hire me when they catch a glimpse of my teeth and it hurts sooo much... Not many people can understand the feeling one gets from this... Heck at hospitals ( where i am scared to go now at times even when i need to go) i get judged by them all thinking im a drug addict... BUT i am not but no one listens to me... PLEASE PLEASE... bring back my life, my confidence and help me smile again and to not be scared to be around people in public as well as smile for my son.. He again is my world to me... If you need a picture to be emailed i can get the strength to do so.... tho ill try not to cry to much as i send it as i am trying to write this. Thanks for reading this. Melanie Campbell

Posted By : akeilah on 06-May-2015 09:06 PM
I'm 26 mother of five . With a broken tooth in the front plus a few more are not good.. I want my kids to see my smile I always had that I don't have now :(

Posted By : Rochelle davis on 01-May-2015 12:11 PM
I have been crying for almost two years. Telling my family I am not on drugs. OCS has been called to take my kids always BC my family really thinks I am on meth.. The truth is I was on the meds kepper and it took away my smile. The smile that made me glow and model and be me. I just got a call this morning asking to take a test. I always do. But I am 32 almost and hate my smile because my family .. I really need help or information on how to get help. Please I pray that someone hear my cry. I post video of the meds keppra for my seizures. I was hit by a ex at 29 and the seizures haven't stop. And that was the first things the doctor gave me. I let this lock me down into my room at home. Not wanting to see the world. My smile was everything and now its gone. Please help me get help. My soon to be husband has Parkinson and we have three kids so the money is not there. Thank u and have a bless day..

Posted By : natasha on 29-Apr-2015 05:32 AM
Hi I am 28 years old a single mum to 1 child and I suffer from anxiety and depression I need a lot of dental work done, sometimes I don't even leave the house I am so self conscious I wish I could smile for once, please help me

Posted By : Susie. parra on 21-Apr-2015 04:24 PM
I am 51 yrs old my teeth are so ugly i need to win the makeover i am sp mad poeple look at me and laugh. I cry and for someone to help me.please let me win.need help.

Posted By : Lakeischa M on 17-Apr-2015 11:36 AM
My name is Lakeischa and im in desperate need of a smile make over im afraid of smiling and i believe my smile is why my life is so miserable my smile has been this way since the day a friend tripped me off the bed while we were playin and i ended up chipping my whole front tooth eventually after that my face became swollen one night because it was never tooken care of so then my front tooth was takin out and never replaced and the boy that done this to me drowned at a summer camp one year i was 9 years old when all of this happened i kinda feel bad because my friend died because he apologized to me everyday about my teeth so now im stuck wit a broken smile that i cant fix wit a miserable life please help me !!!

Posted By : Angela on 14-Apr-2015 05:05 PM
Hello I'm a single mother of 5 . I'm 39 years old and in desperate need of cosmetic dental work. I was a military wife for eight years and was having kids for four of those years when my ex left us three years ago. I recently went to the dentist I have no insurance to cover cosmetic and I really need implants they're going to take all of my front teeth out and put a danger and I really doesn't want that".. If anyone knows of any way that I can get some help please inbox me. Thank you and God bless

Posted By : Kimberly on 08-Apr-2015 12:37 PM
Hi, my name is Kimberly and I would be the happiest person you ever meet if I could win a contest such as this. A smile make over would change my life. I believe a nice smile is like magic, it has the power to change other peoples lives.share a smile with others and it can warm someone heart. I also believe it is very good for your health to smile . I am so embarresed about my smile that I try not to smile so no one can see that I am missing a tooth on the bottom right in front that you can't help but notice when I talk or smile. I enjoy other people very much and I am a very positive person , but my smile holds me back from being the person that I am on the inside because I cant be the out going,and personal person I wan't to be. Please give me the opportunity to share my smile with the rest of the world.A smile is contagious and I would love to share mine with everyone I see. Thank you very much. Good luck to everyone. Kimberly Buckles

Posted By : PATRICIA HAITHCOCK on 07-Apr-2015 04:29 AM

Posted By : Peggy Williams on 05-Apr-2015 10:09 PM
Hello, I am a 60 year old breast cancer survivor. My husband pasted 2 years before I was diagnoised with cancer. Leaving me with 2 children, with some medical issues themselves. From the results of my chemo and radiation, it has ruined my teeth and I am not financially capable to have my teeth repaired. I work with young children at my church and I am embarrassed when I have to speak to anyone. I have 6 teeth left in my mouth, 5 of them on the left side and 1 on the right side that is so loose I should be able to pull it out. It must have a deep root and will not budge. They are paining me so badly and contributing to the dizzy headaches that I am continuing to have. Please can you help me to get better health with my teeth.

Posted By : patricia haithcock on 05-Apr-2015 04:39 PM
I would so love to smile again my face is starting to sag with no teeth dentures cause blisters in my mouth I miss eating crunchy food so much people make fun of my tootless smile I hide in corners to eat at resturants where no one can see me eat iam 49 and look 60 please help me thank u god bless u

Posted By : Tina on 30-Jan-2015 11:46 AM
I am 38. And have had problems my whole life. Periodontal disease has left me with receding gums,and bone. I can't afford the surgery I need to get the surgery I need. My teeth have been really crooked since childhood, now they are loose and it hurts to eat certain foods. My breath is horrible. No matter how much I brush,or rinse. I don't like to get close proximity to anyone because I know it is bad. I don't smile except with a closed mouth.I don't kiss my boyfriend. which puts a strain on our relationship, he is a big kisser.My kids ask me why I have ugly teeth and why I stink when I talk. I would love to really smile. I work in retail, and people are always talking about my breath and messed up teeth.I think I could get a better job if I had a better smile and healthy mouth. I would love to be a real estate agent one day, hard to picture that as it stands right now.

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