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Pain in between teeth in gum

By Michael 4/19/2012 10:11:42 AM
I have had a pain in between two molars on the top right side of my mouth for a few days now. I usually get food stuck in there and have to floss, but now it's starting to hurt more. I've flossed and used a water pick as much as I can, but it seems nothing is helping and the pain is starting to get worse.
Posted By : Dr. Ritz on 4/19/2012 10:11:42 AM

It happens when there is decay between the two teeth. It is between the two teeth so it is not visible and can not be diagnosed with out taking the X-ray. Initially there is no pain  only the food impaction is there but when the decay is more it starts paining. You have to visit the denttist and get the X-ray done to find out which tooth is affected. Some times both the teeth are affected and sometimes only one tooth is affected. For more info on dental caries you can visit the following link....

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