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Treatment for pain on drinking water either hot or cold

By kajal 12/23/2010 7:45:07 PM
i am unable to drink either hot or cold water as there is tremendous pain when water is touching teeth.please give a remedy. your reply awaited. thank you.
Posted By : Dr. Ritz on 12/23/2010 7:45:07 PM

when the pain isthere while drinking hot and cold water it is because of some decayed tooth or some times it can be becase of some gum problem. But mostly the decayed tooth is the cause. For this you hae to visit the dentist.The dentist after doing clinical examination ad X-ray's will find out the decayed teeth and the extent of decay. If the decay is not much and the cavity is not deep then the fillings are done but if the cavity is deep then may be you have to go for the root canal treatment. For more info on hypersenstivity of teeth you can visit the following

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