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Tooth extraction refers to painless removal of tooth or tooth roots with minimum trauma to the surrounding tissues so that the extraction socket wound heals uneventfully without any post-operative complications. Whenever any surgery  or Tooth extraction takes place the first thing we want is to let it heal properly ,quickly and smoothly. As a common practice, most of the dental surgeons have standard post surgery instructions printed which are handed over to the patient. One must follow these instructions given by the dentist. Apart from those instructions there are few things which need to be taken care post tooth extraction. Following all the post-operative instructions after tooth extraction reduces the incidence of infection and chances of dry socket after tooth extraction. If aftercare instructions are not followed after tooth extraction, then it c...   read more

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Tooth Pain and the Sinusitis

Sometimes patient comes to the dental clinic with acute pain but when clinical examination is done with X-ray’s and all, there is no problem with the teeth. All the teeth appear healthy with excellent oral health. O...

  • Why Sugar Free Chewing Gum is bad for Oral Health
  • Chewing a sugar free gum though has become very common pra...

  • Average cost of Dental Filling
  • Dental fillings are of several kinds. However, if yo...

  • Average Cost of Braces for Teeth
  • Once you feel that you need braces to get your teeth aligned...

  • Enamel Hypoplasia
  • Enamel Hypoplasia is the most common abnormality of developme...

  • Average cost of Dental Cleaning
  • We all try to reach to the bact...

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  • The Average Cost Of Dental Implants
  • The older we get we are bound to lose our teeth because of dise...

  • Choosing Right Type Of Braces
  • Dental Braces also called Teeth Braces is no more an orthodon...

    Dental Health

    Understanding Wisdom Teeth

    Wisdom tooth is known as Mandibular Third Molar. Wisdom tooth is located distally away from second molar. In permanent dent...

  • What Is Flossing
  • Dental FLOSS is the most important thing, nex...

  • Free Dental Makeover
  • We all think of several diffe...

  • Types of Tooth Pain after Dental Filling
  • The best way to save a decayed or broken tooth is by having a...

  • What is Dry Socket
  • The most common and painful complication in the healing of h...

  • Treatment Of Thumb Sucking
  • Thumb Sucking in children usua...

    Why IdentalHub?

    22 Sep 2017

    Cavity on Baby tooth.Is filling required?
    22 Sep 2017

    Dentist shaved too much off second top molar biting surface
    21 Sep 2017

    bleaching or not
    20 Sep 2017

    Broken instrument during root canal treatment
    18 Sep 2017

    Tooth ache
    14 Sep 2017

    Teeth broken
    14 Sep 2017

    Open Bite
    09 Sep 2017

    I will extract two wisdom teeth – can I suffer changes in my appearance in the long term?
    09 Sep 2017

    Bleeding teeth?!
    08 Sep 2017

    Bottom front 6 teeth
    08 Sep 2017

    swelling on left sublingual gland benaeath the tongue
    08 Sep 2017

    Wisdom tooth extraction site
    08 Sep 2017

    Wisdom tooth extraction site
    08 Sep 2017

    Wisdom tooth extraction site
    08 Sep 2017

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    Dental Treatments

    Can Root Canal Treatment Cause Staining

    The common question asked by the dentist after getting the Root canal treatment especially of anterior tooth is whether the root canal tooth will get discolored....

  • Getting Teeth Pulled Out For Braces Treatment
  • Extractions in conjugation with the braces treatment are not ...

  • How Do Braces Work
  • The facts about working of the braces have always been on th...

  • Sutures or Stitches after Tooth Extraction
  • Suture literally means to join. Surgical suture

  • Complications After Tooth Extraction
  • Complications may occur after tooth extraction procedure. So...

  • Bleeding after Tooth Extraction
  • Bleeding refers to loss of blood or escape of blood which oc...

  • Knowing All About Wisdom Teeth
  • The wisdom teeth or the third molars ar...

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    Anesthetic Injection Makes Heart Beat Faster

    Those who have been to the dental clinic and got the numbing or anesthetic injection must have experienced that whenever they get the numbing shot their heart be...

  • Pain after Tooth Extraction
  • Some amount of pain and discomfort is expected for few days ...

  • Complications and Care After Root Canal Therapy
  • These days dentists prefer doing single sitting root canal tre...

  • What if Root Canal Treatment Fails
  • Root canal treatment is done when infection reaches the pulp...

  • Various Stages of Cold Sore blister
  • There are 5 stages of cold sore. These are tingle stage, blis...

  • Care Following a Frenectomy
  • 1.   If you have received any form of sedation, do not drive ...

  • Causes Symptoms and Treatment of Gum Abscess
  • An abscess is a localized acute accumulation of living or de...

  • Reasons of Tooth Ache or Pain after Dental Filling
  • There can be numerous reasons for a patient to have pain after...

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