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 Light Weight Complete Denture

In the pursuit of lightweight dentures the new age material that is being used is thermocol. This is one material that has several benefits to it and the most important one is the light weight and the material can be left in the denture without compromising the reliability of the denture. This in turn brings down the tedious effort to remove the spacer material from the denture.

Additionally, the small window in the cameo surface in the previous techniques has potential for leakage between the heat polymerized resin and auto polymerized resin portions.

The use of thermocol is a technique that is simple to carry out and allows control of spacer thickness. This is one of the most simplified techniques for fabricating light weight maxillary denture using thermocol as a spacer. This can be left in the denture without making any adjustments in the denture strength.

The denture and how successful the treatment is going to be depend on these three main factors. These are principles of retention, stability and support.

The prosthodontist's skill is in being able to apply these principles in the most efficacy and effective of manner. There can be severely re-sorbed maxillary edentulous ridges that are narrow and constricted with increased inter ridge space provide decreased support, retention and stability.

The weight of the denture goes on to add to the woes of the treatment. The use of thermocol has several merits over the previously described techniques.

23 Apr 2011