A. Processed Composite.


  1. Improved physical and mechanical properties.
  2. Super shading.
  3. Better control of facial contour.
  1. Limited bond strength.
  2. No longitivity 
B. Feldspathic Porcelain (popular because of super strength ,durability and esthetic)
  1. High bond strength.
  2. High esthetic.
  3. Stain resistant.
  4. Periodontal compatibility.
C. Cast or Processed Ceramic
  1.  Advantages
  2. Excellent esthetic
  3. More translucent nature.

Comparison between Composite And Porcelain Veneers

Porcelain veneers are long lasting, more beautiful to look at but at the same time they are more expensive also. In comparison, composite veneers are less expensive but they do not last long and their aesthetic is poor as compared to porcelain veneer.

Enamel Veneers

It is new innovation in the clinical dentistry. An Enamel Veneeris a thin nail like shell of enamel, which is obtained from natural tooth of an individual with a help of rotary instruments, in a predetermined precise manner.


  1. Proclination of the tooth or teeth, where the labial enamel shows no discoloration or defect.
  2. Orthodontics is either not recommended or sought by the patient.


  1. The enamel of the teeth is hypocalcified or has pit like defects.
  2. The teeth are discolored and require change of shade in the final result.
  3. When Proclination is due to skeletal overgrowth.
  4. In periodontally compromised teeth with lack of bone support and severe mobility.


  1. Less time consuming
  2. Immediate results.
  3. Less expensive.
  4. Maintain natural form and color.

Veneers vs. Bleaching/Whitening

Now question arises whether veneers are better or bleaching/whitening is better. When the teeth are mildly discolored, in that case tooth bleaching is better and more cost effective than veneers as in this dentist does not have to shape or prepare the tooth to place the veneer. But if the teeth are severally stained or they are chipped/damaged or cracked then veneers is the only choice. Veneers have added benefit of better aesthetics, longer life and less invasive. With whitening or bleaching procedure, we are not very sure about the ultimate result i.e. how much white the teeth will become but with porcelain veneers, one can decide about the shade and size before hand only. So if one wants white, healthy, natural looking and well aligned teeth, then veneers is the only answer.


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