Teeth are very important for the well being of a person as without teeth or with the painful teeth it is very difficult to chew anything. Our first and the foremost aim is to have healthy teeth but if the teeth get decayed then instead of extracting them we should try to save the teeth. if the decay is less or the tooth is not infected we can go for the filling of the teeth so that the caries do not progress further but if the tooth gets infected then to save the tooth we have to under go the root canal treatment. Before we go to the details of what is root canal treatment we should know briefly about the anatomy of the tooth.

Root Canal Treatment

Our tooth has two parts, one is crown and the other is the root. Crown is the part which is seen in the oral cavity and root part is embedded n the bone to fix the tooth. Outer layer of the crown is called enamel which is the hardest tissue of the human body. Below the enamel is the dentine which has nerve endings and is sensitive to hot and cold sensation. Below the dentine lies the pulp. Pulp is the soft tissue. It has nerve supply and the blood supply of the tooth. it is present in the crown part and the root part.  



Root Canal Therapy

When the decay is in the enamel patient does ot feel any sensation. only the cavity can be felt. If it reaches dentine then the patient has the sensation for hot and cold things. But the pain goes as soos as the stimuli is removed.if the decay reaches pulp then the patient feels severe pain and it is there even after the stimuli is removed . in such cases where the pulp is affected we need to go for Root Canal Treatment


In Root Canal Treatment the pulp is removed from the crown part and the root part. The area is cleaned and is then flled with a special filling material. Above that cavity filling is done.  Because of the very nature of procedure wherein the treatment is done inside the tooth, it is called Endodontic Treatment.  It involves cleaning the infected  or diseased pulp and reshaping the canal. When the root canal treatment is done the tooth becomes nonvital. Nonvital tooth can do all the functions like a vital tooth but it does not have the elasticity so it can fracture. That is why after Root Canal Treatment it is recommended that the crown should be put on the tooth.


What happens if the Root Canal Treatment is not done

 If the tooth needs Root Canal Treatment that means the pulp is infected.if we do not get the treatment done then the infection spreads to the supporting bne and the abscess is formed. Slowly it damages the bone and the tissue supporting the tooth. The tooth becomes loose and ultimately we can loose the tooth.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 12 - July - 2011, at 19:58 PM

  • Ideally if file is broken in tooth while doing root canal treatment then before going for root canal filling, the broken part of file should be removed. But now you got the root canal filling done and there is no pain and abscess is subsided then you can wait and watch because if the canals of tooth are sterile before of the instrument is broken then the tooth does not show any symptoms and root canal is succesful but if you again have pain and swelling with abscess then you have to get re-root canal treatment done in which old filling will be removed and broken part of instrument will also be removed by dental specialist which is Endodontist.

  • dee drysdale

    dee drysdale 12 - July - 2011, at 13:31 PM

  • I have just undergone dental treatment involving a root canal filling however the dentist informed me that part of the file broke off and is in still in my toot h-- what do /can I do t......................... --- I am concerned as I have had a chronic abscess from this tooth previously - and so I am very concerned Thank you DD

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