They are the space maintainers that can be removed and reinserted into the oral cavity by the patient.


Bilateral loss of posterior teeth in the mandibular arch before eruption of tooth.

Missing anterior teeth where it is made functional.
Cases where asthetics is important.
Cases where patient cooperation is not a major criteria.
When space maintainer is required for a short period of time.
In cleft palate patients who require obturation of the palatal defect.


  1. Uncooperative patients

  2. Patients allergic to acrylic material

  3. Epileptic patients


  1. Easy to clean and permit maintainance of proper oral hygiene.

  2. Maintain or restore the vertical dimension.

  3. Aesthetically desirable.

  4. Facilitate speaking and chewing.

  5. Can be worn part time allowing circulation of the blood to the soft tissues.

  6. Room can be made for the permanent teeth to erupt without changing the appliance.

  7. Stimulate eruption of permanent teeth.

  8. Help in preventing development of tongue thrusting habit into the extraction space.

  9. Less chair side time, as band construction is not required.

  10. Possibility for caries is less and check up for caries is possible.


  1. May be lost or broken by the patient.

  2. Uncooperative patients may not wear the appliance.

  3. Lateral jaw growth may be restricted, if clasps are incorporated.

  4. May cause irritation of the underlying soft tissues.

Care of Removable Space Maintainer

This space maintainer is constructed explicit for the child’s mouth to allow proper chewing and the preservation of the space necessary for proper growth and development.

  1. The space maintainer should be worn constantly during waking and sleeping hours. If a sore spot develops, call the dental office immediately for an appointment.

  2. If for any reason, the space maintainer is removed from the mouth, it should always be placed in a glass of cold water, out of direct sunlight, and in place where it cannot be dropped or misplaced.

  3. Children adapt themselves readily to these space maintainers but a period of adjustment and effort on the child’s part is important.

  4. Immediately after each meal and especially before bedtime, the teeth should be brushed thoroughly with the space maintainer out of the mouth, and the space maintainer should be brushed thoroughly using toothpaste.

  5. Frequent check-up appointments are necessary to observe the progress of eruption of the permanent teeth and growth of the jaws.

  6. The appliance may have to be reconstructed depending on the child’s age, to compensate for normal growth and development.

  7. Be careful the child does not take the appliance out of his mouth to show neighbours and other children as it can be dropped broken.

Types of Removable Space Maintainers

1.   Acrylic Partial Denture

2.   Removable Distal Shoe Space Maintainer

3.   Complete Dentures


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