The National Cancer Society reports that over 12 million people use some form of smokeless tobacco. The largest increase over the last decade has been among the 8-17 age group. The tobacco industry has taken advantage of this increase by exploiting the image that athletes have on our young athletes and children. They are sponsoring sporting events such as professional rodeos, women's tennis, monster truck rallies, and car racing events, not to mention the association of baseball players with smokeless tobacco.

The health consequences of smokeless tobacco are

  1. Dental caries and periodontal (gum) effects.
  2. Oral cavity soft tissue alterations.
  3. Leucoplakia (White potentially pre-cancerous patches in the mouth).
  4. Cancer of the oral pharynx and oral cavity.
  5. Addiction from the nicotine.
  6. Hemodynamic (blood) alterations due to the sugar content leading to increased blood sugar levels                

Health professionals are actively trying to help patients realize that smokeless tobacco is NOT a safe alternative to smoking. Nicotine addiction treatment is not an easy proposition. One method suggested is the use of a placebo, or oral substitute, such as chewing gum. However this does not simulate the texture, feel, and taste of smokeless tobacco. Mint SnuffTM was developed for just this purpose.

Mint SnuffTM is simply mint leaves packaged in small round tins designed to mimic snuff cans. The product contains no sugar and no nicotine and effectively imitates smokeless tobacco. This may prove to be successful in cessation programs along with nicotine gum and transdermal patches.

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