Dental bleaching / Tooth Whitening  is a technique by which the extrinsic or Intrinsic staining or discoloration of tooth may be removed and the tooth are so cleaned that they look white.

Why is Tooth Whitening / Dental Bleaching done?  

Who does not want beautiful teeth?  The purpose of tooth whitening is maintenance of aesthetics of our teeth.

When our teeth loose their original colour, it is called staining

There are two types of staining

Extrinsic Stains  is staining of tooth surface and the same can sometimes be removed by good brushing or by a professional.

Intrinsic Stains is staining in teeth occuring from within and the same cannot be removed by brushing and flossing.

The following examples are showing how staiined teeth look after tooth whitening / Dental Bleaching:

Before and after dental bleaching

What Areas Of Our Teeth Get Bleached / Bleached?


The layer you can see within mouth is ‘enamel ; the portion of tooth that should lie above gums. Natural colour of enamel is white, but it is translucent and the colour of other strs. that underlie it tend to show through.

Material immediately below is ‘DENTIN’ colour is yellow, but porous and materials ‘from the nerve’ can penetrate it causing its darkness with age.

This is the reason that simply brushing cannot prevent teeth becoming darker yellow as we get older.

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  • dr ritz

    dr ritz 28 - November - 2011, at 00:09 AM

  • Rowena, Teeth becomes yellow with age or because of excess of intake of tea, coffee and carbonated drinks or can be discolored because of smoking or some other habit. Zoom whitening will make your teeth white but it is not as effective as professional teeth whitening in which bleaching gel is used and it is the safest and fastest way to make teeth white. If your teeth are white, then you can get work done for front tooth. You can get porcelain dental crown for your front tooth. Porcelain dental crowns are very esthetic and are ideal type of dental crowns for front teeth. You can also visit your dentist and enquire if professional teeth whitening can make your teeth whiter.

  • Rowena

    Rowena 27 - November - 2011, at 11:22 AM

  • so call it 55.. my teeth were yellow..I did Zoom and until now still trying to whiten my has a very nice look of porcelain but acc. to my eyes, it is not super white the way I wanted it to be..thus..delaying the work on my front tooth for crown..coz I want it super white!.. Question: do I have hope for it to be super white?..It has a perfect porcelain , bright look!..but I just don't see it super white...:(( Please let me know if I have to stop whitening and get the work done and stop hoping to get it to the way I wanted it to be..thanks!

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