Dental Braces also called Teeth Braces is no more an orthodontic treatment but a fashion statement nowdays for kids as well as teens.  Dentists (Orthodontists) normally recommend dental braces kids, teens and also adults for problems like crooked teeth,  Overbites/ Underbites, crowded teeth, Malocclusion or misaligned jaw or any other functional problems after evaluating your teeth and gives the patient the choice of braces they want to wear and the choice of color of dental braces. The cost of these dental braces also depends upon the kind of braces they choose.

Once a diagnosis is made, the orthodontist then decides on the right kind of treatment. He can suggest you different kinds of braces for treatment depending whether the braces are for kids or braces for for teens or adults. These days there are many kinds of braces available but there are some difference in these and sometimes, one type of baces cannot be put in two cases like braces suitable for kids may not be suitable as compared to braces for teens. Apart from traditional metal braces, there are other kinds. When the patient hears different choices from orthodontist, he may become confused and is not able to decide which way to go and some patients which are of old age have inihibition to get the braces even if they really want to have beautifully aligned teeth, which can enhance their beauty and confidence. Apart from wearing braces, people these days, also demand fashion in braces. Some of these braces are cosmetic in nature and hence cost more.  In some cases, a removable retainer will be all that's necessary. So it is very important to chose right kind of braces for your kids or teens or yourself for the success of braces treatment. For making the decision on choosing right type of braces, one must know all types of braces available along with their cost and pros and cons.   

Braces normally is normally non surgical procedure in which brackets are glued to teeth in which the wires are put but in  rare cases (especially when there is an extreme overbite or underbite along with skeletal discrepency), surgery becomes necessary along with braces treatment. But in most cases, the answer is dental braces. Braces simply do the work of alignment. 

Teeth are straightened by Dental braces by:

  1. Staying there for a long period of time
  2. By exerting steady pressure onto the teeth

These allow braces to change the alignment of teeth successfully. The wires need to be adjusted by orthodontist periodically.

A number of factors determine the type of braces a person gets. The various factors are:

  1. How severe is the bite or how crooked teeth are?
  2. Whether extractions is required or not?
  3. Whether jaw surgery is necessary or not?
  4. Whether any special appliance or headgear is required or not?
  5. Time duration for which braces are to be worn?
  6. Dentist or orthodontist preference
  7. How much a person can pay for the treatment?
  8. For how long duration braces treatment is required to correct the malalignment?
  9. What a person actually wants? If the person doesn’t want to opt for metal braces, then he can also opt for invisalign or ceramic braces to straighten the teeth.

Types of Braces

  1. Metallic Braces system which includes Self-Ligating Braces and Viazis Braces
  2. Ceramic or tooth colored braces system
  3. Sapphire Braces
  4. Invisalign Braces
  5. Lingual (behind-the-teeth) Braces
  6. Titanium Braces

The most practical and widely used braces are the metal ones but for cosmetic purposes people use the other ones.

Metal Braces

Stainless (Metal) Braces are the most popular type of braces due mainly to its rugged functionality and manageable cost. These are suitable braces for kids, teens and adults alike. Most kids and teen patients request COLORED ties. At each appointment you may have your colors changed. You can look forward to making a fashion statement after each visit. The patients allergic to this kind of material are in good times of many other options available today.

Traditional Silver Braces:

These are the most common and most popular style of braces. The brackets are state of the art and provide the most efficient & precise movement of the teeth and can be decorated to reflect each person's sense of style and personality! You can try new color combinations and patterns as per your preferences and computer color planner results.

Gold Braces

Discover a new element in orthodontics...GOLD! These are similar to stainless steel braces with the exception of being gold-plated. The classic beauty and elegance of gold is now available in orthodontic braces. Adults choose to use gold braces because their beauty is more than skin deep. Gold turns the everyday appearance of regular braces into an exciting fashion statement. There are also gold wires available for this type of orthodontic appliance.

Wild Smiles Designer Braces

These orthodontic brackets come in attractive shapes like that of flowers, stars, hearts, diamonds, baseballs which the teens may find very fascinating. Favorite shape can be chosen with these types of braces. Along with these brackets, colored elastic bands can be used to give an individualistic look to the patient.


Viazi Braces:

In these, the brackets are triangular in shape and use a lesser force square wire. The treatment is faster with viazi brackets as compared to traditional braces and there is lesser of pain and sensitivity present. They are also sometimes called as fast braces.

With a square wire, the crown and the root of the tooth are moved at the same time in one stage from the start of the treatment. The conventional braces during the first year of treatment will move the crown portion with the help of round wires and during the second year of treatment will move the root portion of the tooth with the help of the square or rectangular wires.

Self-ligating braces

They are called so because no elastic or metal ties are required with these kinds of braces. The bracket can itself tie to the arch wire. Trap door is used in these braces which can be slid or flipped closed to hold the wire. The most popular type of self-ligating braces system are Damon braces and In-ovation braces.

Self-ligating Braces

These braces are preferred by orthodontist as they are less time consuming to tie in wires during appointment. Lesser of adjustments and appointments are required by self ligating braces system. Chances of lesser food accumulation are there with these brackets as they are smaller than the traditional metallic braces. They can be used in certain cases only. Metal self-ligating braces and clear self-ligating braces are available. The treatment techniques of traditional metallic braces and self ligating braces vary so both types of brackets may not be offered by an orthodontist in their practice.

Clear (tooth-colored) Self-ligating Braces


Metal self-ligating Braces

Clear self-ligating Braces

Damon Brackets

In terms of popularity these are next to metal braces. It is an invention of dentist DAMON DWIGHT .These braces are popular as they work on sliding door technology called self litigation. The braces have wire which by its back and forth motion are more comfortable due to less friction. these braces take less time and number of adjustments.

Traditional Braces                                           Damon Braces

Damon 3 brackets-

It is a part ceramic and part metal type of braces. They are smaller on the teeth and are more comfortable for the patient.

In-ovation braces system-

In-ovation brackets are twin bracket which are made of metal entirely. It has clip built-in clip. The clip is activated by the arch wires which delivers specific torque to the tooth causing desired results.

Smart chips-

They are self ligating passive brackets and they don’t have a separate chip or sliding door. With a designed chip built into the bracket, the arch wire is held in position.

Pros and cons of metallic braces system


  1. They are cheaper than other type of braces.
  2. They take lesser amount of time than the cosmetic braces.
  3. They have high strength and don’t break easily.
  4. Darker ligatures used along with the metallic braces don’t stain easily and there is no staining in self-ligature brackets as they don’t have ligatures.
  5. Treatment is of lesser duration and causes lesser pain in Self ligating and Viazis Brackets.


  1. They are not as esthetic as cosmetic braces.
  2. Initially they are less comfortable.
  3. They irritate the gums more than the ceramic brackets in case of canker sores.

Ceramic Braces

Ceramic brackets are made of a high tech glass-like composite material developed as a spinoff material by the NASA space program. These type of braces generally don’t stain and have high strength.  Many celebrities wear these kind of braces. These braces are chosen by the adults as they "blend in" with the teeth. They are less noticeable than metal braces and don’t make a person’s smile look metallic.  In case of ceramic braces, a clear or tooth colored tie is used. Most family and friends will not even notice your braces. Ceramic braces are guaranteed not to stain by the manufacturer, barring some foods, coffee, coke, curry, smoking etc and are expensive. These type of braces are mostly used by adults or teens.


Pros and cons of ceramic braces


  1. They are more esthetic and less noticeable as compared to metallic braces.
  2. They are more comfortable as compared to metallic braces.
  3. They are strong and don’t come off from teeth if bonded with plasma light.


  1. The ligatures which are clear when stained look bad. Though they are changed after every 1 month.
  2. The duration of treatment might increase in case of ceramic braces system.
  3. They are more expensive than traditional metal braces.
  4. They are a quite a bit larger than the metal brackets.
  5. In case of severe malocclusion, these brackets can’t be used. They may not be strong enough to withstand the forces of some type of treatments.

Comparison of Traditional Metal & New Clear Braces

Sapphire Inspire Brand Braces

Inspire are made of pure monocrystalline sapphire and are very translucent. They are very strong and do not stain. It will more or less disappear if your teeth are already very white. The advantages and disadvantages of Sapphire Inspire Brand Braces are similar to that of ceramic braces.

Invisalign Braces

Invisalign Braces are great for people who do not have severe problems. The treatment trays are computer-fabricated by Align Technologies, the company that makes Invisalign. The "braces" consist of strong plastic trays that are custom fabricated especially for you, as everybody has a unique jaw structure. But the patients with severe malocclusions, the better option would be to wear traditional metal braces. Your orthodontist only has some control over your Invisalign treatment. It is best to get Invisalign done by a trained orthodontist

So, if your orthodontist says that you are not a candidate for Invisalign, you should probably believe it! If he or she says that Invisalign will work for you, then go for it! The cases are replete with people who have had very successful Invisalign treatment and who have been very happy with the results. These braces are indeed invisible; this appeals to adults; no irritation to gums; they do not stain.


Pros and cons of Invisalign Braces


  1. They are esthetic and almost invisible.
  2. As compared to traditional braces, they are simpler to clean. They should be removed during eating, drinking and while cleaning the teeth.
  3. They don’t cause irritation to the gums as the traditional braces do. Less force and less pain are given by the aligners as compared to the fixed braces.
  4. They don’t get stained.
  5. They are more comfortable than the traditional braces.
  6. Computerized treatment planning is done in case of invisaligns. The  patient  can  review projected smile design by this, learn about the treatment and compare different plans.


  1. Due to removable nature of aligners, they are not continuously straightening the teeth.
  2. Unlike the conventional fixed braces, the success of treatment depends on the   patient's habits and how consistently the patient wears the aligners. Invisaligns  are to be worn 20-22hours per day and are to be removed only during eating, drinking or brushing.
  3. They are somewhat more expensive than the traditional braces.
  4. InvisalignS can’t be used in case of severe malocclusion. To move the teeth in vertical dimension, they can’t be used. It is difficult to treat severe skeletal problems with them. In some cases, after invisalign treatment, traditional braces are required to correct the problems.
  5. They are to be removed during eating and the teeth and aligners are to be cleaned before reinserting afterwards which may cause some trouble to frequent snackers.
  6. The aligners can get damaged if the patient is in the habit of clenching his teeth.
  7. Invisaligns are made up of implantable grade polyurethane. Some people might be allergic to this. Allergy and toxic sensitivity might occurs because of Invisaligns.  
Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are placed behind your teeth. These are also called invisible braces, as they are virtually invisible to other people. Usually, lingual brackets are made of metal. The Orthodontist is specially trained in this kind of appliances.

Some of the points taken note of are that the adaptation period is 3-7 days; patient may hurt or feel irritation of tongue; chewing adjustments/difficulty towards hard food; mild speech disorder with brackets in the upper arch. As compared to the traditional braces, they are comparatively costlier. The main advantage of lingual braces is that no one knows that a person is putting the braces.

Pros and cons of lingual braces:


  1. The braces can’t be seen unless someone looks inside your mouth.
  2. In case of crowded teeth and deep overbite, they are very effective.


  1. They are more expensive than the traditional braces system. Treatment is specialized in case of lingual braces.
  2. There is difficulty in speech initially and the tongue may be sore for 2-3 weeks.
  3. The duration of treatment is more than the traditional braces.
  4. They can’t be used in short front lower teeth.
  5. They can’t be used in severe problems.
  6. Only specially trained orthodontist in lingual braces can do lingual treatment.
Titanium Braces

Some people are allergic to nickel in the steel. Titanium braces are given in such patients. Titanium is a very strong and light weight metal. Most of the dental implants are also made of titanium. They look similar to the metallic braces but are more expensive as compared to stainless steel braces.

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  • Madison

    Madison 02 - July - 2015, at 20:33 PM

  • My teeth are naturally aligned perfectly. Like they're completely straight top and bottom but the first four teeth are where they need to be bur then my teeth kind of go in on the side and I was wondering if invisalign would work for me? I don't have any any major problems I just want my sides to be brought out more and my canines lowered a little bit.

  • zea aguilar

    zea aguilar 12 - December - 2013, at 02:23 AM

  • so nice :)

  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 25 - May - 2013, at 22:16 PM

  • Salem, You have to discuss this with your Orthodontist who will adjust the position of your braces so that you will be able to bite properly. If your teeth are not meeting properly in occlusion and you do not bring it in notice of your orthodontist then this can lead to open bite. So my advise is to discuss it with your orthodontist asap.

  • Mohamed Salem

    Mohamed Salem 19 - May - 2013, at 15:59 PM

  • i have metal braces because my top teeth are crooked and out of place and my bottom are all fine except for one in the middle and it is out of place and forward now i cant eat anything because when i bite down my teeth get stopped by the braces on the teeth on the bottom, which doesnt let me bite which also doesnt let me eat anything are there any solutions to this

  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 24 - February - 2013, at 21:30 PM

  • If you do not like the alignment of your teeth then you can get the braces treatment done. The orthodontist will fix your teeth and can give you nice smile. So go to an orthodontist and get the treatment done

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