For the treatment of the mouth breathing there are few considerations which should be considered. If we take into consideration these factors the treatment can be a success. These are:

Age of the child: Before starting with the treatment the age of the child should be taken into consideration. Most common cause of mouth breathing is the enlarged adenoids and the narrow nasal passage. With age there are chances that adenoids shrink and the nasal passage becomes wide and the child starts breathing through nose.  

Treatment of Mouth Breathing

As discussed earlier before starting the treatment the cause and the degree of mouth breathing should be ascertained. That is whether the mouth breathing is obstructive or habitual and whether it is total mouth breathing or the partial.

Physical Exercise

Child is asked to do the deep breathing exercises. These are done in the morning and at night. The child is asked to inhale through the nose while taking the arms up . After holding the breath for few seconds the child should exhale through mouth and bring the arms down.

Myofunctional Therapy: In case of mouth breathers the most common problem is the hypotonic and short lip that is why the lip seal is not established and the child keep on breathing through mouth. To increase the tonicity of lips few myofunctional exercises are recommended. These are:

  1. During day time hold pencil between lips

  2. During night tape the lips together with surgical tape in habitual mouth breathing

  3. Hold a sheet of paper between lips

  4. Patients with hypotonic upper lip stretch upper lip to maintain lip seal.

  5. Button pull exercise– a button is taken and thread is passed through it. Patient is asked to place the button behind the lips and pull the thread while restricting it from being pulled out by using lip pressure.

  6. Tug of war exercise--- involves two buttons, with one placed behind the lips and other is pulled by the other person.

Appliance Therapy

If it is established that the cause of mouth breathing is not obstructive but if it is habitual then the best way is to stop the air to enter the mouth. For that a appliance is given called as oral screen or the thin rubber membrane is given. They are worn at night and they cover the outer surface of the teeth and the gums extending into the vestibules. Initially the holes are made in these so that the patient does not have difficulty in breathing.

E.N.T. Check Up: before starting with the treatment E.N.T. check up is mandatory to ascertain that the cause of moth breathing is habitual or obstructive. If the child has nasal obstruction and he breathes through mouth because of obstruction then before starting with the treatment obstruction should be treated otherwise the child will face lot of problems and the treatment will be a failure

Mouth breathing can interrupt sleep, cause orthodontic and facial deformities, and weaken lungs. Mouth breathing sometimes results from blocked nasal passages and other times is merely habitual. In both cases, treatments can be used to stop mouth breathing. You can not determine  definitely the cause of your mouth breathing on your own, so to find out visit an ears, nose, and throat doctor.

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  • AbdulSamad

    AbdulSamad 18 - May - 2012, at 00:21 AM

  • I have same problem,

  • dr ritz

    dr ritz 09 - January - 2012, at 01:27 AM

  • Awais, Mouth breathing can occur because of enlarged adenoids, narrow nasal passage or can be obstructive or habitual. If nasal obstruction is cause of mouth breathing, then treatment of obstruction is done first. ENT check up can be done before start of treatment. If nasal obstruction is reason of mouth breathing, then you can visit an ENT specialist to get treatment done for it. Mouth breathing leads to misalignment of teeth, effect on facial form and increases the incidence of decay and will also affect the soft tissues of the mouth. If misalignment of teeth has occurred because of mouth breathing, then appliance therapy can be given to correct it.

  • Awais Butt

    Awais Butt 08 - January - 2012, at 02:03 AM

  • i m also mouth breather but many times im trying to do from the nose but i cant do this coz my nose bone is not straight so that's why i have a problem when i used nose and i can not breath properly from the mouth m very upset please advice me what should i do i can not take a full oxygen from the mouth please please tell me

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