Prevention of bad breath is very important as having bad breath is an embarrasing situation. The persons suffering from bad breath can have loss of self confidence and even perons coming in contact with him/her start avoiding due to the bad breath coming. So control and prevention of bad breath is absolutely necessary and urgent. There are many remedies available to control bad breath. These remedies are discussed as under.

1.   Avoid cigarette smoking and tobacco chewing.

2.   Take care of your mouth, brush at least twice daily after meals and do flossing at least once daily.

3.   Don’t forget to clean your tongue, either with a tongue cleaner or with your brush.


      Tongue Cleaning

4.   Use mouth washes which has chlorine dioxide as it helps fighting off bad breath.

Mouthwashes are of great help especially which contains chlorhexidine, zinc gluconate and essential oils. Zinc and chlorhexidine provide strong synergistic effect.

Bad breath is also temporarily reduced by mouth washes containing hydrogen peroxide as it is a powerful oxidizer, which kills most of the bacteria.

5.   Go to the dentist for regular dental check ups.

6.   Fruits are really helpful. Fruit like guava and its leaves are best medicines for bad breath. It contains oxalic acid, malic acid and minerals like calcium and manganese.  They are helpful for gums and teeth and avoid bad breath. Fruit like apple keeps the mouth fresh and takes out the food trapped between the teeth.

7.   Fruit juices are also of great help. They keep the gums soft and there is less accumulation of food particles between the teeth.

8.   Mint leaves and clove also help. One can chew mint leaves and cloves as they keep the mouth wet and fresh.

9.   Take nutritional and healthy diet. Wrong food like candies and junk food are the major cause of bad breath as this kind of food sticks to the teeth and tongue and produce bad odour. Our diet should contain green vegetables, carrots, grains, fruits and cereals.

10.   Take lots of water daily to keep your mouth wet and body healthy.

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