The Buteyko (bew-tay-ko) - It is a system of breathing analysis and correction that helps you achieve good health through optimal breathing. It corrects the common condition of hyperventilation, over breathing, obvious (acute) or hidden (chronic). It is based on the Buteyko Method which uses breath control, breathing exercises and education to help you understand your condition, control symptoms and prevent illness.

The Buteyko (bew-tay-ko) Breathing Method was developed by Russian doctor Konstantin Buteyko. During his work as a young doctor in the 1950s, Buteyko discovered that 'hidden hyperventilation' or over-breathing was the common underlying problem in a large number of health conditions. He observed that people became more ill when their breathing volume increased further. Those who then reduced their breathing began to recover. He devised the Buteyko Breathing Method to retrain correct breathing. The result is that the nose unblocks, asthma can be controlled with fewer drugs, and the breathing rate reduces to restore the CO2 level to normal.

Following breathing correction, dentists, orthodontists, doctors, and clients have reported :

1.    unblocking of the nose and sinuses
2.    restoration of nasal breathing
3.    reduction or elimination of snoring and apnoea
4.    reduction in mucous production and allergic rhinitis and sinusitis
5.    change in tongue position and bite
6.    a more stable dentition and bite
7.    stability to orthodontic work
8.    decrease in size of tonsils, adenoids and polyps
9.    improvement in ability to exercise and in sports performance (speed and endurance)
10.    a more pleasing facial appearance

Why does Buteyko work?

When we over breathe the major body systems including respiratory, circulatory, nervous and energy systems are affected.

Breathing can be disturbed by stress, exercise, infection, some medications, poor instruction and bad habits. By correcting over breathing in many cases one gets to the contributing factor to physiological problems.

Once you master the exercises from the Buteyko Method, you learn to stop the onset of certain symptoms such as wheezing, blocked nose, breathlessness, fatigue and anxiety. People report that symptoms cease or occur with less frequency.

What about medication?

You can continue other treatment while applying the Buteyko Method. As your health improves you may need less medication. Asthmatics generally find they need fewer symptom relieving medication within a few days but are not to change preventative medication without consulting their doctor.

Buteyko Application for Healthy Breathing

Buteyko therapy consists of 6 to 10 classes initially twice weekly over 6 to 12 weeks. The programme is suitable for children (4+ years) and adults.

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