During  pregnancy going for dental  care , is  apt for good health, which directly affects the health of the baby. If mother is healthy, baby is also going to be healthy and to have good health, expecting mother has to take nourishing and healthy diet, which is only possible if mother has healthy teeth. The dental procedures which can be delayed or which can pose risk to the baby should be avoided until after the birth but the procedures which are mandatory and are recommended by the dentist should be carried out.


This is a routine procedure which can be done in expecting mothers without any risk to the baby. The procedure is same as for the normal person but if  delayed , the cavity can increase in size ,there can be infection and acute pain. It is advisable to get the filling done as soon as possible as per advice of the dentist. If anesthesia has to be given then the obstetrician can be consulted. Inhalation and intravenous anesthesia should be avoided as there is increased risk of miscarriage in first trimester.

Tooth Extraction

If the patient is in great pain and dentist recommends the tooth  extraction , it can be carried out without any problem to the baby in expectant mother. Tooth extraction needs local anesthesia and if dentist wants then obstetrician can be consulted.

Root Canal

When the tooth gets infected and it can be saved by root canal  treatment , the expecting mother should get it done. If delayed, later on may be that tooth cannot be saved and has to be extracted. So it is always better to save the tooth when it can be saved easily than to be sorry afterwards. The root canal treatment is quiet a safe procedure during pregnancy.

 X –Ray’s

It is a myth that expecting mothers should not undergo dental x-ray’s as the radiations are harmful for the foetus. The fact is that during dental x-ray the patient’s uterus is shielded by lead apron and moreover the amount of radiation to which the patient is exposed during dental x-ray is negligible. The dental x-ray is a major diagnostic aid for the diagnosis of the dental problems. Dentist  rely  a lot on the x-ray to find out the problem. So if an expecting mother is in some dental pain, the dentist has to recommend the x-ray, otherwise the patient’s health is at risk.

Bleeding Gums

This is the common dental problem with the expecting mother. The gums bleed when they brush or floss their teeth. This is because of the inflammation of the gums. The change of hormones during pregnancy aggravates this problem. This is called as pregnancy gingivitis. Some expecting mothers out of fear of bleeding avoid proper brushing or flossing. This further worsens the situation.

Treatment is to brush and floss the teeth regularly and avoid the food which sticks to the teeth. One should visit the dentist regularly. If recommended, one should get the scaling i.e. cleaning of the teeth done. Scaling is a safe procedure which does not harm the foetus.

Along with the dental procedures the dentist has to recommend certain medicines to relieve the symptoms. Mainly the dentist has to use local anaesthesia , pain killers , antibiotics.


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  • why some senior practisioners advice to avoid use of handpiece and scaler during pregnancy?plz,give me best information relating this.plz

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  • nice useful article

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