Mostly the women complain that they used to have very healthy teeth without any dental problem but all dental problems started only after the pregnancy. This is of course true to some extent.

During pregnancy there are lot of hormonal changes. The most common problem is bleeding gums which occurs because of increased blood flow. This is also known as pregnancy gingivitis. The bleeding gums have been associated with complications during pregnancy like preterm birth. How far this statement is true is not known but it is better to be safe than sorry afterwards. Hence the pregnant women should take good care of their teeth and for that

  1. They should try to brush their teeth after every meal with a soft tooth brush. If this is not possible then they should brush teeth minimum twice daily This will help in preventing bleeding gums and caries.

  2. They should go for regular dental checkups. Normally it is advised to get the scaling i.e. cleaning of the teeth done after six months that means twice a year. But if the gums bleed more during pregnancy then upon dentist's recommends the expecting mothers can get the cleaning done more frequently.{C}

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