There are many signs and symptoms of TMJ disorder. These symptoms of TMJ are given below. These symptoms may be present singly or in combination. However your dentist is the best man to detect whether you have TMJ or not. Dentist does the clinical examination and Xray and coupled with these symptoms will decided whether you have TMJ or not. 

The most common symtoms of TMJ are as under:

  • Patient complaints of pain in or around the ear which according to the patient spreads to the face.
  • Tenderness of the jaw muscles.
  • Patient complains of clicking or popping noise on opening or closing of the mouth
  • Patient has the difficulty in opening the mouth.
  • The jaws they get stuck or locks called as locked jaw. In this the patient is not able to close the jaw after opening.
  • Pain is there while opening the jaws widely, while yawning or while chewing.
  • Patient complains of headaches or neck aches.
On seeing the signs and symptoms of Temporomandibularjaw Disorder, dentist makes the diagnosis which is based on detailed history and the series of diagnostic tests like x-rays or the impressions of the teeth.

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