The main cause of the TMJ disorder is, any situation where the chewing muscles and TMJ does not work together properly. In such cases the chewing muscles go into spasm. This results in tissue damage, pain and muscle tenderness. Accidents, injury to the jaws or diseases such as arthritis also causes TMJ disorders.

Oral habits like teeth grinding (bruxism), or clenching the teeth tires the muscles and they go into spasm causing TMJ disorder.

In some case TMJ disorders are because the upper and lower teeth do not contact properly. This is called malocclusion. In this the teeth does not provide proper support to the muscles while chewing or swallowing. The muscles are always under stress. This causes the disorder. In this the patient may be having esthetically beautiful set of teeth but they do not close properly.

What are the predisposing factors

There are various predisposing factors like which type of persons are more prone to the TMJ disorders. These factors are


females are more prone to the TMJ disorder than the males. The reason may be due to the difference in the bone and muscles density and the difference in the emotional make up.


the TMJ disorders follows” s” shaped curve. It is most common at the age of 25 to45 years of age.


Oocclusion is one of the most common predisposing factor. If by any reason the occlusion is affected, like person got the new filling which is high or he got the tooth extracted. There is a chance that the muscles go into spasm and patient gets TMJ disorders.


If the person is not sleeping properly and is under stress he will either do grinding of the teeth or clench the teeth at night, which is the main cause of muscle spasm.


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