Who likes a dentist’s drill? It's both painful and highly expensive. Imagine if you have to go for it when you don’t have a dental insurance. This is also a fact that 46% of USA’s population does not have dental insurance coverage. Those who have it or want a dental insurance coverage have their own problems like:

  1. The process of applying for and getting dental insurance plan is cumbersome
  2. Dental insurance plans are covering only limited / basic procedures
  3. You need to undergo a dental examination before you are covered for dental insurance
  4. Dental insurance companies do not cover pre existing dental diseases
  5. The premium varies considerably depending upon age of insured
  6. Most dental insurance plans do not pay full amount charged by the dentist
  7. The process of filing claims is lengthy and cumbersome
  8. There are many chances of disagreement on the claim amount which the insured feels or understands he is entitled to vis a vis what is actually paid by the insurance company
  9. The premium charged by dental insurance companies is quite high
  10. Dental insurance companies normally discourage to cover the individuals

Necessity is the mother of invention. Having felt the need, an alternate to dental insurance was conceived wherein one simply needs to be enrolled as member or plan holder of a company selling dental plans by signing a simple application form and pay the fee as per plan chosen. These  companies  have made arrangements with numerous dental practices across the areas / regions / states covered who agree to offer special discounts ranging from 10% to 60% to the plan holder . In return these dental practices get referrals from these companies selling dental plans. There are no pre insurance dental examination, no limitation on procedures or surgeries covered ( depends upon the plan chosen), no restrictions on individuals to join, no pre existing conditions clause, no claim forms, no disagreements over claims settled. The process is as simple as showing your membership card to the dentist and availing the discount as mentioned in the discount dental plan.

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