Replantation as the name implies is the process in which a tooth, normally the front tooth, is reinserted into the bone after its loss or displacement by accidental means. There are few reports in the literature of this technique proving successful for indefinite periods of time. The failure occurs mainly because of root resorption which occurs with even the most precise and careful technique. This technique is strongly recommended because prolong retention is achieved especially if replantation is done soon after the accident.

The most commonly avulsed tooth is front upper tooth. The cause is mostly trauma which can be because of an accident or blow or it can be during playing. This type of injury is three times more in boys than in girls.

What Should Be Done If the Tooth Is Avulsed

If the person met with an accident and the tooth is avulsed that is it has come out, the first thing that the person should do is to preserve the tooth. The tooth should be immersed in a suitable storage medium. Milk has been shown to be a suitable storage medium and it is readily available also. The avulsed tooth can also be stored in the isotonic saline. A commercial product designed specifically for storing the avulsed teeth is also available by the name of Emergency Tooth Preserving System (Save –A –Tooth). This system has an appropriate container for the tooth and the HANK’S SOLUTION. This product has a three year shelf life. If nothing is available the tooth can be stored in patient’s own saliva. The main purpose is to keep the tooth hydrated.

The patient should report the dental office with in 30 minutes of avulsion, only then the best results can be achieved.

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