To have beautiful pearly teeth, Healthy Diet is important right from the Wombstage. That is why pregnant ladies are recomended calcium rich diet and tablets as well. Whatever we eat affects our teeth. Twenty minutes after the food enters the mouth, acid is produced inside our mouth which gives a suitable environment for bacteria to act. This combination attacks the tooth enamel leading to caries and Peridontal diseases. So we should be careful as to what/when /why are we eating. If we follow the following healthy teeth tips we shall never fall prey to any dental problems

 Drink plenty of water, this washes the acid formed in our mouth.

Avoid snacking in between meals. Snacks increase the number of time acid is formed in our mouth and we fall prey to bacteria time and again. If at all you have to eat, eat fresh fruits/carbohydrates in natural form. Avoid sugary foods and drinks/Tea/Coffee. Sodas are also known to accelerate acid formation.

Avoid eating sticky foods such as Chips, Candy, Nuts.

Avoid Smoking, Chewing Beetle nut, Tobacco. If you are in a habit of chewing, chew gums containing  XYLITOL which neutralizes acid.

Fresh Lime, Homemade Squashes, Buttermilk etc are a good option for Drinks.

TO have healthy teeth and gums, we should have Diet containing VITAMIN C, D, B12, CALCIUM, MINERALS AND PROTEIN. VitaminC accelerates production of collagen which in turn promotes production of healthy capillaries, which are resistant to bacteria. Flavinoids, coenzymes are powerful antioxidants , which protect gums. Vitamin C is present in all citrus fruits,Broccoli, Strawberry, Cantaloupe, Green Leafy Vegetables etc.

Choose a Toothpaste containing fluoride which fights against tooth decay.

Brush twice properly and do Flossing also. Take out time to brush properly and inculcate good oral hygiene among your children as well. Even hundred years back people used to clean teeth with CHARCOAL, LEMON SKINS, ASHES, MINT AND NEEM STICKS. Now we have a variety of toothpastes to choose from.

Visit your dentist every six months.


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