Of course it is! Our mouth has a PH of 6.2-7, a neutral medium. If its PH goes below 5.5, then it leads to dental problems as it erodes the mineral content of our mouth. Soda’s are known to have a PH of 2.5 which is highly acidic. This acidity erodes our Enamel, the hardest substance in our body.Thus making our teeth soft and vulnerable for breakage. Initial damage can be seen in the form of white patches on teeth, which can be rectified by using Fluoride toothpaste. Fluoride has been known to strengthen tooth enamel.  Further damage occurs in the form of decay and cavities which can be rectified by caps and fillings. But if the teeth are continuously exposed to Acidic Attack, It can lead to Tooth Decay, Gingivitis, Periodontal Disease etc.

Soda is harmful not only because it has acidic nature but also because it has sugar and Phosphoric Acid in it. Sugars present are in the refined form, sucrose and fructose. Sugars as we know lead to tooth decay and cavities. Phosphoric acid  is known to drain away calcium from our bones.     Experiments have shown that drinking soda deprives WBC’S of their bacteria killing property atleast for 7 hours.
Duration of time to which our teeth are exposed to Soda’s is also an important factor in determining the damage done to our teeth. Thus it is better to drink soda in one go than to expose teeth again and again.
Also it has been proved that one should not brush immediately after consuming soda, atleast for an hour. Teeth by continual acidic attack become soft so by brushing we would be doing more harm than good.Also the teeth gain time to restore back its mineral content.
Saliva present in our mouth is known to restore the PH back to neutral levels. Thus saliva is the only safeguard against acidic levels.It is advised to chew sugarless gums if it is not possible to brush anywhere or everytime as it increases saliva production, resulting in neutral medium.

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