“Losing a teeth with every Pregnancy” is an old wife tale now. Pregnancy involves changes in whole body. As there is an increase in hormonal levels(Progesterone and Estrogen), there is an increase in blood flow to gums. This results in their inflammation, redness, swollen, tender and puffy gums. There is a change in the response of gums to plaque. To avoid all these problems one should take proper good oral hygiene as these can lead to complications. Physicians have recommended dental checkups as a part of pre-natal checkups.The complications are increase in severity of dental problems, premature birth and low weight birth.It has also been seen that Streptococcus bacteria passes on from cavity in mother to the foetus. The good news about the problem is that it can be cured by following tips

Regular visit to a Dentist and getting cleaning done professionally.

  1. Brushing twice in a day.
  2. Flossing regularly
  3. Using antibacterial mouthwashes to avoid development of bacteria.
  4. Scrape tongue regularly
  5. Rinse your mouth with warm saline water

One should take nutritional meals and healthy snacks. Normally there is a craving among pregnant ladies for pickles, icecreams etc. These also lead to tooth decay.

During this time one should take a healthy diet. One should intake dairy products for calcium, a must for healthy bones and teeth. VitaminB12 from fish, meat and VitaminC.

Fluoride Supplements – It has not been proven till now about the exact role of these supplements but if taken in correct dosage it can help avoid cavities.

Silver FillingToxicity-There  is a growing concern among pregnant women about silver filling toxicity. Though nothing has been proven but one should avoid its removal/replacement. There are other alternatives present to go for fillings.

Radiographs and Anaesthesia- One should avoid them as far as possible. One should go for them only in case of emergency. Tooth Ache is also one of the emergencies. One should get all procedures done during second trimester as it is more comfortable period. First trimester is risky as vital organs are being formed during this period.Third trimester is basically uncomfortable. Due to weight gain there is uneasiness sitting in one position. Also the uterus puts pressure on Inferior Vena Cava which may lead to premature labour. Any elective procedures such as cosmetic dentistry should be done after pregnancy.

Antibiotics-Normally dental antibiotics are safe.The patient should inform dentist about the pregnancy. The dentist should avoid prescribing Tetracycline and Narcotic pain relievers. Asprin and Ibubrufen should also be avoided. The acceptable medicines are Penicillin, Clindamycin, and Amoxycillin.

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