In case of need for dentures by a patient there are many options avilable. These options range from complete denture to partial dentures and from removable denture to fixed denture, immediate dentures, special dentures etc. These various options are are discussed in detail as under to facilite the patients to choose the option most suitable to them.

Complete Denture

Complete denture which is used as a replacement device when all the teeth are missing in one or both the arches namely

  1. Maxillary Denture:- For Upper Arch
  2. Mandibular Denture:-For Lower Arch  

Maxillary denture has more coverage area as compared to mandibular denture so it is more retentive and stable while mandibular denture poses more problems in a new denture wearer owing to its less coverage area and interference by tongue movements especially if height of alveolar bone is not adequate.

Complete denture is usually given when most of the teeth are naturally lost due to caries, periodontal (gum) disease, trauma, drug use, genetical disorder or any developmental anomaly like enamel hypoplasia,or or severe malnutrition and in cases where the remaining teeth can not be saved . Also in cases where the patient does not wish or can not go through treatment needed to restore or save the tooth.

Removable Partial Denture

When the loss of natural teeth is not complete and only few as lost then to replace these lost teeth in one or both the arches partial dentures are given to patients. They can look like the following:


Fixed Partial Denture

These are called the crown and bridge. These are made by joining these permanently to adjacent teeth or dental implants in the same arch. From the following figure one can understand them completely.


Special Dentures

Beside these regular dentures there are certain kinds of dentures which are fitted to patients in certain special cases/conditions. Mostly these are temporary in nature and are replaced by permanent dentures on the completion of special situations. These are as under: 

Immediate Dentures

It is a complete or partial removable denture constructed for insertion immediately after removal of natural teeth. It is of two types namely;


Interim immediate Denture

These are immediate dentures and are used temporarily during the healing period of the patient to preserve the contour of the ridges, until permanent denture can be fabricated. They are mainly indicated in patients with periodontal disease going in for total extraction. It is an immediate denture which can later be modified to serve permanent prosthesis.

Conventional immediate Denture

It is usually done for patients undergoing total extraction. The back teeth are extracted followed by extraction of front teeth. The bony ridges are allowed to heal in back region before extraction of front teeth. The denture is inserted on appointments of extraction of front teeth.

Tooth supported Overdenture

It is a dental prosthesis which replaces lost or missing natural dentition and associated structures of upper/lower jaw and receives partial support and stability from one or more modified natural teeth.

 3 goals of Overdentur

Maintains teeth as a part of residual ridge Tooth supported overdentures : It Decreases rate of resorption

Increases patient manipulative skills in handling the denture

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