For Anterior (Front) Teeth - Full ceramic crowns are the most preferred as they provide best esthetics because of their excellent colour matching properties. But they are expensive. So, because of the cost factor, porcelain fused to metal (PFM) crown can be used on anterior teeth but you have to face some problems with anterior PFM crowns

You have to compromise on esthetics as they do not have colour matching properties as good as full ceramic crowns.

Sometimes the gum line overlying the crown may recede with time leading to exposure of the blackish metal portion of crown at the gum line. Porcelain part of the PFM crown may chip off leaving behind the metal portion.


Full Ceramic Dental Crowns

For Posterior (Back) Teeth – Porcelain Fused to Metal Crowns are the preferred ones because good strength as well as esthetics. Although they have poor esthetics than full ceramic, but back teeth are not much visible so compromise can be done on esthetics for the good strength of PFM crowns.


Metallic Dental Crowns

Metal crowns can also be used on posterior teeth. Metal crowns are relatively inexpensive as compared to PFM crowns but they do not provide colour matching with the tooth.

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