Dental crown is a restoration which covers the outer surface of tooth like a cap and is cemented to tooth with help of dental cement. Problems may occur after placement of permanent dental crown or temporary dental crown. After getting permanent dental crown, patient may feel sensitivity to hot and cold food stuffs, decay of tooth below the dental crown, inflammation of tissues around the dental crown or the bite may not be correct. After getting temporary dental crown, patient may feel sensitivity to hot and cold food stuffs, pain, gum tissue irritation and problems with the bite. Various problems which can occur after dental crown placement is discussed in detail in this article.

Problems after Permanent Dental Crown Placement:

1.    Decay of Tooth below the Dental Crown:

Many people think that they can’t get dental caries after getting dental crowns but this is not true. If proper oral hygiene is not maintained or if dental crown is ill fitting such that there is excessive plaque accumulation surrounding the tooth, it may lead to decay of the tooth. Sometimes dental crown has to be removed to treat the underlying decay and then new dental crown is given on the tooth structure. If dental caries in the tooth with crown is deep, then root canal treatment is required for the tooth.

2.    Inflammation of Tissues Surrounding the Tooth Covered by Crown:

Ill fitting dental crown and poor oral hygiene often lead to gingivitis and further pocket formation around the tooth covered by dental crown. So, proper care of restoration is very necessary. Patient has to make sure that there are no deposits present around the dental crown and should use an Interdental brush in area of dental crown to remove any deposits which may be present around the dental crown.

3.    Gingival Recession problem after Dental Crown Placement:

Due to inflammation, gums around the tooth may recede and it may cause display of metal part of crown if porcelain fused to metal crown is present. It requires crown replacement and/or gingival surgery for its correction.

4.    Crown Fracture:

This usually occurs with a porcelain crown. It may fracture while biting on a hard food item. A fractured crown has to be replaced by a new one. So, care should be taken with all porcelain crowns and they should not be used to chew hard food items. All porcelain or all ceramic dental crowns are mainly used for restoration of front teeth.

5.    Change in Color of Dental Crown:

Dental crown may show change in color over a period of time. Whitening of such a tooth can be done using a suitable chemical or else it has to be replaced by a new color matching crown. Change of color is one of quite common problem which can occur after permanent dental crown placement.  

6.    Wear off Dental Crown:

Dental Crown wears off like a natural tooth t hough its rate of wear is less as compared to a natural tooth. With lapse of time, dental crown wears off. An excessively worn off dental crown has to be replaced by a newer one.


7.    Periapical Inflammation and Abscess Formation:

If RCT is not done in the tooth covered by a crown, progression of caries below the crown may lead to periapical abscess formation. Then RCT has to be done by preparing a cavity through the crown. Dental crown may have to be replaced after root canal procedure.

Problems after Temporary Dental Crown Placement

To protect the prepared tooth, temporary dental crown is given to the patient. Temporary dental crown prevent sensitivity to hot and cold food stuffs to the prepared tooth, prevent the prepared teeth and teeth adjacent to prepared teeth from drifting, prevent food accumulation around the prepared tooth and provide aesthetics. Patient may experience certain problems after getting temporary dental crown. After getting temporary dental crown, patient may feel pain, sensitivity, problem with the bite or gum tissue irritation. Various problems which occur after getting temporary dental crown are discussed in detail below.

1.    Sensitivity to Hot and Cold Food Stuffs

After getting temporary dental crown, patient may experience problem of sensitivity to hot and cold food stuffs. As compared to permanent dental crown, temporary dental crown don’t fit that well and space is present at the gum line which can cause percolation of various irritants and sensitivity of the tooth. It is a very common problem which occurs after temporary dental crown placement. Patient should not worry about sensitivity due to temporary dental crown as temporary dental crown is to be replaced with permanent dental crown. 

2.    Problem with Bite of Temporary Dental Crown

After temporary dental crown placement, patient may find bite of temporary dental crown high. If the bite of temporary dental crown is high, then patient has to visit his dentist. Dentist will do selective grinding to correct the bite of temporary dental crown.

3.    Gum Tissue Irritation

Gum tissue irritation may occur with temporary dental crowns. Temporary dental crown is given in the same appointment as the day of tooth preparation so the ends of the dental crown end at or below the gum line causing irritation. For some pain relief due to irritation of gums, patient can do warm saline rinses 3-4 times a day.

4.    Pain in the Tooth

Patient may feel pain after getting temporary dental crown. If patient experiences some pain after getting temporary dental crown, then he should consult his dentist. Dentist may prescribe some pain medicament for some pain relief.

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  • Dr.Ritz

    Dr.Ritz 11 - September - 2012, at 23:58 PM

  • Dear HBG,Thanks for going through our article and posting a comment.But in case you have any personal query regarding the above topic,please send us the complete details of your problem so that we could guide you in a proper way.

  • HBG

    HBG 11 - September - 2012, at 15:36 PM

  • Okay, all this is nice, but what do you do to get rid of the pain permanently? I can't live like this.

  • dr ritz

    dr ritz 27 - January - 2012, at 05:23 AM

  • Mahey, If patient maintains good oral hygiene with dental crown, then no bone loss or bad odor occurs. Ill fitting crowns and poor oral hygiene can lead to bone loss after crown placement. Patient should use an interdental brush in area of crown to avoid any gum infections.

  • dr mahey

    dr mahey 27 - January - 2012, at 04:40 AM

  • and wat abut the halitosis and bone loss as in long term process

  • dr ritz

    dr ritz 24 - November - 2011, at 23:39 PM

  • If demineralization of enamel has taken place, then enamel can be remineralized with fluoride rinses and fluoride application but if the decay has occurred and is visible on x-ray, then tooth restoration will be required for it. Tooth decay if present will progress and will cause pain if not removed and restored. Progression of dental caries will be less if you maintain good oral hygiene. If demineralization and decay has taken place, then you need to get it restored.

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