Some people want to improve their smile, so that they should look good with healthy looking white or pearly white colored teeth.  “Teeth whitening or bleaching” vary from patient to patient. But the main two factors on which it depends are;    

  •  Treatment duration 
  •  Tooth structure   

 People, who are heavy smokers and drinkers, should be cautious as hydrogen peroxide (bleaching agent) in high quantity may cause some adverse effects. Bleaching should be avoided in pregnant women too as recommended. But the effect of bleaching agent on the foetus is unknown. Some people complain of sensitivity after tooth whitening, then these people should use soft brush (tooth brush) and some tooth paste which is medicated. This will reduce the pain caused due to sensitivity, and makes the patient comfortable. Even some patients complain of bleeding gums, swelling, irritation, etc. after the use of teeth whitening trays at home.

Some people prefer at home teeth whitening based method. It is more economical than in office treatment for tooth bleaching. But it is not considered a quick method. If anyone is going for at home tooth whitening system then he should be completely aware of the whole procedure. People can use tray based systems or other whitening systems like – toothpastes (they are abrasives and may cause the enamel abrasion), strips, etc.

There are many teeth whitening options and the current ones are:  in office bleaching, at home bleaching, veneers – composites and porcelain, whitening tooth pastes.But some people think that there are many risks with the procedure and are doubtful about getting the same done on them. We should know that yellow stains get destained or removed faster in comparison to the brownish ones that take longer time.People should be told about the advantages and effectiveness of the whole treatment before hand, and in one way we can say that the person should be highly motivated before going about it. In this the patient is told about the adverse effects related totooth whitening, if any?


Tooth whitening means bleaching of the tooth by using some bleaching solution. The patients who have sensitivity problems or any kind of gingival (gum) disease should consult and undergo the procedure under his/her supervision. It involves using a product or solution with 0.1% bleach, as 3% bleach is not safe as recommended by the experts.

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