Post and core is a restoration which is used to restore an extensively decayed or fractured tooth. Post and core consist of a pin like post which is cemented in the root portion of the tooth and over it core build up is done with a suitable restorative material, then a crown is placed over core build up to completely restore the tooth structure. They are also called as Foundation Restorations. 

Need of Post and Core

When the tooth is extensively damaged due to caries or fracture and the central pulp portion of the tooth gets exposed, it has to be endodontically treated i.e. Root canal Treatment of the tooth is required in which the pulp of tooth (which consist of nerves and blood vessels of tooth) is removed.
A Root Canal Treated tooth gets brittle due loss of fluid substance of the tooth. It cannot bear masticatory forces especially if crown portion of the tooth is extensively damaged. In such cases the tooth requires special treatment otherwise the remaining part of the crown also fractures and the tooth has to be extracted. Such a tooth should be restored with a crown to protect the filling in the root canal but sometimes because of extensive damage very less of the tooth structure is present above the gum line to support the crown. Therefore after doing Root Canal Treatment a special kind of pin like post is embedded firmly inside the root of tooth and a core build up is done over it. This assembly of post and core can now efficiently support the crown needed to restore the tooth.

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