Toothpaste is applied on the bristles of the electric toothbrush. The amount of toothpaste applied is same as that for manual toothbrush i.e. it should cover the bristles adequately.

Toothbrush is inserted in mouth and turned on it should not be turned on outside the mouth otherwise the toothpaste applied on it may fall off.

The bristles of toothbrush will start vibrating as soon as it is turned on.

Light pressure should be applied against teeth and rest of work is done by electric toothbrush itself but you have to guide it so as to brush all surfaces of all the teeth well. It should not be pressed very hard otherwise it may cause damage to enamel and the toothbrush.

Care should also be taken while brushing around the gum line as application of excessive pressure on toothbrush at the gum line may cause gingival damage and bleeding.

The toothbrush is turned off after brushing your teeth. It is thoroughly rinsed and returned back to its charger if it is having a rechargeable battery. 

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