Patients with Limited Manual Dexterity & Hospitalized Patients: Electric toothbrushes are an ideal alternative for persons, who cannot brush their teeth effectively on their own due to some physical disability. If person is having disability to the extent that caretaker is responsible for brushing the teeth then use of an electric toothbrush will not only make their task easier but also more effective.

Orthodontic Patients: Presence of braces and wires on the surface of teeth not only leads to more plaque formation around the teeth but also makes the tooth brushing more difficult. This further adds to plaque formation and leads to inflammation of surrounding gums causing them red and swollen. Patient may experience pain while brushing if gingival is red and swollen and improper tooth brushing further worsens the condition. Another problem which an orthodontic patient may face is white spot lesion. When plaque remains in contact with tooth for a long time period it starts decalcifying surface enamel as a result of which enamel surface may show white and chalky spots. So, effective plaque removal is very important for an orthodontic patient and electric toothbrushes are valuable aids for such a patient for optimum plaque removal around teeth.



Patients with Gum Disease: The use of an electric toothbrush can improve the gingival health of those persons who have periodontal disease (gum disease). Most of the patients with gum disease are the ones who do not practice proper tooth brushing and swelling of gingival further contributes to their problem by making tooth brushing even more difficult for them. Gingival health is improved in such patients by use of electric toothbrush because of more effective tooth brushing by electric toothbrush as well as it is seen that people start tooth brushing more regularly when they start using electric toothbrush.


Electric Toothbrush acts as a Motivational Tool: Persons who do not brush their teeth regularly can be motivated for regular tooth brushing by recommending them use of electric toothbrush. After using electric toothbrush they will see their teeth to be more cleaner which will make them feel to brush regularly to make their teeth clean and bright so that they can have a beautiful smile.


To Remove Surface Stains on Teeth: Extrinsic stains deposited on teeth due to excessive consumption of beverages like tea, coffee or due to cigarette smoking can be removed using electric toothbrush. But if there is excessive staining you have to get it removed by a dentist through scaling and polishing. Mild stains can be removed by an electric toothbrush by using it for few more seconds on the surfaces of teeth where stains are present. Stains will not dislodge on the very first time you use the brush but they will be removed gradually over a period of time if you are regularly using electric toothbrush and teeth will appear whiter than before.

Oral Conditions making use of Manual Toothbrush difficult

Certain tooth conditions such as deep pits and fissures on teeth, irregularly placed teeth, spacing between teeth make manual tooth brushing difficult and plaque is not effectively removed. So to facilitate adequate plaque removal from these areas of difficulty electric toothbrushes can be used.

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