More and more people are increasingly switching to electric toothbrushes from manual toothbrushes. Electric toothbrushes have some advantages as to the use over manual one as they have the latest technology but the conventional manual ones have their own advantages also. All these are discussed below to facilitate the decision:

Advantages of Electric Toothbrush over Manual Toothbrush

1.   It is easier for patients to master the technique of using electric toothbrush as compared to the manual one.

2.   They are more effective than manual toothbrush. Manual tooth brushing can be equally effective but it is extremely technique sensitive. The person should brush in the right directions, using the right motions and without too much force, for an appropriate amount of time.

3.   Some electric toothbrushes have incorporated timer in them which guides for appropriate time of tooth brushing.

4.   Electric toothbrushes are available with which you can hear one of your favorite songs while brushing. Sound vibrations stream from the bristles of this brush through teeth so that you can hear the music inside your head. So, tooth brushing can be made fun especially for children who run away from brushing.

Electric toothbrushes are available with toothpaste dispensers attached to them.

Advantages of manual toothbrush over electric toothbrush

1.   Manual toothbrushes are cheap and economical.

2.   They are easy to carry while traveling as compared to electric toothbrush.

3.   They are equally effective as electric toothbrush if used with proper technique.

4.   There is no need to charge them before use.

5.   Force applied by toothbrush -It has been found that on an average the manual toothbrush applies 285 grams of force and electric toothbrush applies 128 grams of force on teeth while brushing. So, there are less chances of tooth abrasion while using an electric toothbrush.

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