The market for electric toothbrushes has grown so much today that the manufacturers are left with no choice but to sell their electric toothrushes by adding new features every few months. Following are the few features available in electric toothbrushes being sold nowadays in the market.

Timer Function

Electric toothbrushes have an incorporated timer which buzzes after two minutes. The benefit of this function is to encourage brushing to last for two minutes. Timer device is present in one of the 2 forms:

  1. One which buzzes after 2 minutes so it tells that the brushing time is complete.
  2. Other which buzz after every 20-30 seconds. It indicates the time for which each quadrant of mouth should be brushed. It ensures consistent cleaning in all areas of the mouth.

Power Settings


Some of the electric toothbrushes have an option of setting the power of the brush action to a "high" or "low" level. The brush is more effective when it is set to its higher setting. The lower power setting is meant for those who gingival tissues are not in condition to tolerate the vigorous scrubbing action of electric toothbrush.



Brush Heads

Electric toothbrushes are available with different sizes of brush heads which one can chose according to the needs. Smaller brush heads are suitable for a child while larger for an adult. A special very small brush head is available to clean the interdental areas. Brush heads can be replaced when the bristles wear off. So, there is no need to buy a new brush when the bristles wear off, only the brush head is to be replaced.

Pressure Sensors

Few electric toothbrushes have pressure sensors incorporated into them. Their purpose is that if you apply too much pressure on the brush head the brush will automatically stop. This prevents excessive pressure on teeth which could otherwise damage the tooth by causing abrasion of enamel.

LCD Screens

Some electric toothbrushes have LCD screens which show time of brushing and some of them show smiley faces to encourage optimal brushing.

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