Electric toothbrushes are not generally superior to the manual toothbrushes. Although some researches have proven that electric toothbrushes are superior to manual ones in removing plaque and improving gingival health but others say that manual toothbrushes are equally effective if used with proper technique.

But for certain patients such as children, hospitalized patients, persons with physical or mental disabilities and patients with fixed orthodontic appliances; electric toothbrushes are no doubt more useful and effective as compared to the manual toothbrushes. Some patients are generally more compliant with electric toothbrushes because it is easy to use them and some are attracted towards use of electric toothbrushes because of the additional feature incorporated into them to make brushing more effective.

Effective manual brushing no doubt requires skill and diligence which is not required to use electric toothbrush and for the persons who cannot learn the proper technique of manual tooth brushing, powered toothbrushes are valuable replacements. For others the way brushing is performed is more important than the choice of toothbrush. Time for which brushing is done is equally important as the technique of tooth brushing and electric toothbrushes are helpful to monitor the time of tooth brushing with the help of timer device incorporated in them. It is the other reason for improved efficacy of electric toothbrushes over the manual ones.

So, electric toothbrushes are highly recommended for the persons with limited manual dexterity and for persons with normal skills and good condition of oral tissues electric toothbrushes are as effective as manual ones but easier to use. 

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