Studies have shown that natural home remedies can reduce the occurrence of cold sore by as much as 79%.  

Even though the clinical medicine these days is highly advanced and has some treatment available for treating the cold sore like the antiviral drugs, lotions and creams our home and particularly our kitchen only provide us with the home remedies which not only cure cold sore but also keep it away from us.

Home remedies for Cold Sores Herpes Simplex

  1. Natural milk is a very good remedy. The need is not to drink it but soak a piece of cotton role and place it on the cold sore to relieve pain. As and when the tingling starts start this remedy and prevent it from even developing.

  2. Application of ice. This remedy directly from your freezer can be used even before the blister of cold sore develops. Cold is known to decrease inflammation and therefore can decrease the pain associated with the cold sore and also fasten up the healing process. But avoid cold acidic things like soda or aerated soft drinks as they can cause irritation and therefore act as a trigger for the blister to develop. Frozen tea bags can also be used instead of ice. The application of warm tea bags once the cold sore opens up not only decreases the swelling but also hastens the healing process. It also has antiviral nutrients in it.

  3. An ingredient found in licorice known as the glycyrrhizin stops and kills the cold sore virus in the nerve itself. So chewing a licorice candy labeled with having licorice mass and not the one flavored with anise, actually contains licorice. One can also sprinkle some dry powder on the cold sore and also use it by mixing nicely with some cream. But remember not to overuse it.

  4. Using zinc can definitely show improvement in the healing process. It is known to boost the immune system and also prevents the herpes virus to multiply by binding with the DNA molecule of herpes virus thus inhibiting the unwinding of the double helix needed for the multiplication. Calcium is also one very important mineral that can prevent cold sores. It is the mineral which is responsible for maintaining an alkaline ph in the body. Cold sores are activated by acidic environment so taking calcium in proper amounts can prevent and treat them.

  5. The replacement of the tooth brush regularly can help decrease the spread and progression of the cold sores. The tooth brush can harbor the herpes simplex virus for long time. Change the tooth brush as soon as you find any tingling sensation before the development of the blister and if the blister develops the brush should be changed immediately to prevent the occurrence of multiple blisters.

  6. Never use the tooth brush of another person especially the one’s known to have the disease earlier or are going through the infectious blister stage. Also avoid sharing the food or the utensils of such person. Avoid kissing, sharing towels, clothes etc. With persons having active cold sore stage.

  7. The cold sore should be kept dry and clean and if puss is noticed the medicinal treatment should immediately be started after consulting your general physician. An antivirus like acyclovir can be used in severe and recurrent cases.

  8. The tooth brush should never be kept in the bathroom as moist and wet tooth brush and nice moist environment of the bathroom provide a best niche for the survival of the herpes virus.

  9. The use of small tubes of a tooth paste should be used as a tooth brush touches many times to the mouth of the mouth of the tooth paste. So the tooth paste tube can also get infected from the infected tooth brush. So prevention is better.

  10. Application of petroleum jelly on the cold sore will keep the process less    painful. It also helps to protect it from infection from secondary bacteria. Use of witch hazel or alcohol will help the healing of cold sores to be faster by lending it dry.

  11. Use of amino acid lysine has been found to be very helpful in treating the cold sore condition. Studies reveal that people who have more than 3 sores per year are recommended to take at least 2000-3000 mg of lysine daily and once you develop the tingling sensation prior to formation of a cold sore blister one should double the dose of lysine. Care should be taken to avoid excess especially in pregnant and lactating females. Potatoes, yeast and dairy products are among good source of lysine.

  12. Avoid the use of amino acid arginine as it is known to help in the growth metabolism of herpes simplex virus. Food rich in arginine are peas, chocolates, cereals, beer, and cashew among few common ones.

  13. Softening with a substance which smoothens and sooths the skin (emollient) like phenol or camphor can help relieve pain and fasten recovery. Phenol is also known to have antiviral effect.

  14. Cold should never be tried to cover with the make-up as this will only enhance the problem by increasing the irritation due to chemicals present in cosmetics.

  15. Avoid using acidic food stuff like citrus fruits and also salty food like potato chips. Together they cause irritation and increase the problem of cold sores.

  16. Mild painkillers like aspirin, paracetamol, and ibuprofen can be used to treat the pain associated with the cold sore.

  17. Protection should be done from sun and harsh winds as they can act as a trigger agent and activate the cold sore virus. A good sunscreen lotion can be used and this help in prevention of cold sores.

  18. Stress is a very important trigger agent in the cause of cold sores so methods of controlling stress like regular exercise which also boosts the immune system can be used everything should be done to avoid stress and not to allow stress to overtake you. Meditation and yoga are also some very good ways of counteracting stress.

  19. The pattern of occurrence about how, when and why a cold sore occurs in a person can be self examined by a patient to avoid the re occurrence of cold sores. Also the mentality about cold sores should be corrected. One should just take them as simple pimples and which will heal and stop worrying about them.

  20. The cold sore blisters should not be touched again and again. They should not be either squeezed or pricked. This can lead to spread or passage of infection. A hand sanitizer can be used in case we tend to touch the blister now and then. Avoid touching your eyes or genital organs directly after touching the cold sore especially the one leaking.

  21. A topical application of easily available local anesthetic like benzocaine can be done for relieving pain.

  22. Cold sores are extremely painful blemishes that look very unpleasant. All the remedies might not help in improving the ugly look of the cold sore but can definitely help decrease the pain and re-occurrence apart from giving a speedy recovery. One can also prevent the transfer of infection from one patient to another.

To get rid of cold sores is an easy process.  Destroy as much virus as possible, the area should be made unsuitable for the virus and the area which is damaged by cold sore should be healed as fast as possible.Alcohol is the universal germ killer and is ideal for destroying cold sore virus.  Bottled alcohol on cotton ball or Pre-packaged alcohol swabs can be used.  Alcohol needs to be applied frequently. Oregano or garlic oil can also be used. The area can be made unsuitable to the cold sore virus by putting some ice or an object which is cold. The herpes simplex virus doesn’t like cold environment and because of the cold conditions will retreat from it. There are some medicinal plants present which when applied on cold sore will increase the rate of healing. Fresh Aloe Vera can be applied on cold sore.

To get rid of cold sores can be as easy as taking a vitamin supplement every day or it may require more number of attempts by trying different treatment options. Every person is different and unique and finding a remedy that works best for a person may take a little hit and trial on their part.

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