Tobacco chewing is the oldest ways of consuming tobacco in the world. Smokeless tobacco has been in existence since centuries among people of South America and South East Asia. With time the smokeless tobacco has become popular in the whole world. The locals of North and South America chewed the tobacco leaves frequently mixed with lime. 

The South America has the largest production of tobacco, which contributed to the economic gains to the country from round the world. Commercial sales grew in the 19th century as many major tobacco companies rose in the southern countries, Becoming the largest employers in the state. South began to dominate the tobacco industry. 

For much of the 20th century, chewing tobacco began to be associated with being independent, mature, ‘macho man’, etc. it became culturally associated with baseball and other sports. Youngsters who looked at the sportsmen as their role models started imitating them and smokeless tobacco became very popular among the younger generation.

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