Various types of smokeless tobacco are used in different parts of the world. These in different forms and is known by different names in different parts of world. These can be in form of chewing or snuff. The main have been identified as under:

 North America
Chewing tobacco
Loose leaf
Plug - moist
Plug - chew
Twist or roll
Ariva (nicotine lozenge)
South America
Snus or snuff
United Kingdom
Dry snuff 
Central Asia
Nass or Naswar, Niswar
Pan Masala or Betel quid
East/Southeast Asia
Pan Masala or Betel quid
South Asia
Creamy snuff
Mishri or Masheri, Misheri
Qiwam or Kima
Red Tooth Powder
Snus or snuff
Middle East (Iran, Saudi Arabia, Arab countries)
Nass or Naswar, Niswar
Africa (Sudan)
The most common ones are as follows: 
  • Chimó

Brand name: El Dragón
location of use: Venezuela
Composition: Tobacco leaf, sodium bicarbonate, brown sugar, ashes from the Mamón tree, and vanilla and anisette flavoring.
Method of consumption: A small amount of Chimó is placed between the lip or cheek and the gum and left there for some time, usually 30 minutes. The mixture of Chimó and saliva is spit out.
Processing/manufacturing: Tobacco leaves are crushed and boiled for several
Hours, the concentrated product is placed in natural containers or wrapped in banana leaves for maturation. Packaged in small tins.
  • Loose Leaf Chew(common chewing tobacco or the spit tobacco)

Brand names: Red Man, Red Man Golden Blend, Red Man Select, Granger
Location of use: united states
Composition : leaf tobacco, sweetener, and/or licorice
Processing/manufacturing: Loose tobacco leavesare air-cured, stemmed and loosely packed to form strips of shredded tobacco. Most are sweetened and flavored with licorice. 
  • Moist Plug (chewing /spit tobacco)

Brand name: Red Man Moist Plug, Totems, RJ Gold, Taylor’s Pride
Location of use: united states
Composition:enriched tobacco leaves, fine tobacco, sweetener. 
  • Gutkha (most popular brand due to advertising)

Brand names :Manikchand, Moolchand, Tulsi, Shimla, Sikandar, Pan Parag
Location of use: India, Southeast Asia, United Kingdom
Composition :betel nut, catechu, tobacco, lime, saffron, flavoring 
  • Dry Snuff

Brand names:Al Capone Powder, Conwood , US Tobacco
Location of use: United States, United Kingdom, India
Composition :tobacco
Method of use: Typically, a pinch is held between the lip and gum or cheek. It may also be inhaled into the nostrils. 
  • Moist Snuff/dip (most commonly used forming U.S.)

Brand names: Copenhagen, Skoal, Kodiak, Red Man
Location of use: united states
Method of use: A pinch is placed and held between the lip and cheek.
Processing/manufacturing: The leavesare either air- or fire-cured, then processed
into fine particles (“fine cut”) or strips (“long cut”).Nicotine is released more rapidly from the fine cut form due to the greater surface area.


Smokeless tobacoo is used in different parts of world in different ways. The most common usage for of smokeless tobacco is snuff and chewing tobacco.

Snuff is available as finely ground tobacco leaves which are packaged as moist, dry or in packets (sachets). The user typically takes it through the nose by sniffing or inhaling it through the nose or places a bit of it between the cheek and gums inside the mouth.

 Snuff Smokeless Tobacco

Chewing tobacco, loose tobacco leaves plug form or twist forms, are usually placed by the user inside the mouth. It is not ground like the snuff form and thus should be chewed and crushed by the teeth to release flavor and nicotine. Smokeless tobacco, more popularly known as spit tobacco because people usually spit out the tobacco juices and saliva that gets collected in the mouth. Tobacco pastes or powders are also available and placed on the gums or teeth. 

Chewing Tobacco


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