As the well known saying goes’ prevention is better than cure’ so we should prevent ourselves and our dear ones especially the younger generation from getting into this bad habit.

Preventive measures include both informing the people about the smokeless tobacco and its ill effects and also motivating them. It should include public information and educational programs for the youth. Active participation of parents, teachers and social organizations is required.

The public use of tobacco should be banned and also the various advertisements about these products should be banned. All the smokeless tobacco products should bear the warning about its harmful effects on the sachets.

World no tobacco day is celebrated on May 31st each year to make our earth tobacco free. It has been initiated by World Health Organization (WHO) to encourage governments to regulate the tobacco products in their countries. The theme for the year 2008 was “tobacco free youth” which aimed at educating the general public especially the youth about the hazards of tobacco use.

Quitting Smokeless Tobacco

Since all tobaccos including the smokeless tobacco cause addiction and disease, it should be discontinued and avoided. Quitting tobacco is not easy at all since nicotine causes addiction and dependence. Quitting requires motivation, encouragement, and support of the friends and family. Several medicines are available these days which help one to get rid of this bad habit. These include various nicotine replacement therapies and non nicotine replacement therapies. The doctor or the counselor can decide which one is better for you.

"The sooner you quit the better it is for you and your body."

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