Body piercing has become very popular among the teens in today’s world. Ears, nose, tongue, navel, eyebrows, cheeks, lips, female genitals, nipples, penis, scrotum, labia, clitoris and any other body site you can think of are the sites where the piercing are done. According to most teenagers body piercing is trendy, fashionable and a sign of maturity and individuality. This form of art is popular form of self-expression among the college students, models, porn stars, rock stars and stage artists.

Tongue Piercing: Today’s Fashion Statement

A tongue piercing, often referred as oral piercing, is a body piercing usually done directly through the center of the tongue, and is the most popular piercing site in the western world after the ear and nostril. It is one of the most common and easy-to-heal piercings done.

Standard tongue piercings, or one hole in the center of your tongue, is the most common and safest way to have your tongue pierced. Other forms of tongue piercing, such as gauging/stretching your tongue or multiple tongue piercings, is much more dangerous.

Reasons for having Tongue Piercing

1.   Tongue piercing is one of the contemporary forms of body piercing. Tongue Piercing is considered by many as signs of royalty, courage and virility. Roman soldiers endured piercings to prove their courage before battle.

2.   For some, a piercing can be a psychological band-aid for a traumatic physical experience.

3.   Religion

For some, tongue piercing is a part of tradition or spirituality. Aztec, Olmec and Mayan cultures pierced their tongues to honor the gods. To further prove their strength, the priests would run cords or ropes through their tongues after piercing.
But for many others tongue piercing is a form of body art that is cool and attractive.

4.   Tongue piercing is also worn for sexual reasons. But those teenagers who think on these lines need to know that body piercing specially intraoral piercing including tongue piercing is not all that cool, easy and comfortable.

It has lots of cons and less of pros, so think twice before you get body pierced specially your tongue. The increasing popularity of this fashion particularly for aesthetic reasons in the recent years has become a concern to the medical and dental professional due to the varied number of risks associated with this procedure.


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