Tongue piercing should be done at authorized body piercing centers by well trained body piercers. But mostly tongue piercing is done at salons, malls, jewelry shops, tatoo parlors, home, departmental stores or clinics which are not regulated and are unauthorized for body piercing. It is done by teenagers themselves or friends, untrained people or jewelers who have received little or no training about body piercing and haven’t got the slightest idea about sterilization. All this leads to Infected Tongue Piercing. This should be avoided and proper sterilization of the instrument used for piercing and the piercing center should be done to prevent infections and cross contamination. The tongue piercing jewelry should also be germ free. Care should be taken while sterilizing it and cleaning as the chemical used can enter the body directly through the mouth or through the pierced tissue and be harmful to the individual.

The tongue piercing is done under anesthesia and proper antibiotic cover at the regulated body piercing centers to make the piercing pain free and safe. But these procedures are not followed at other places where the piercing is done without any anesthesia or antibiotics.

Things to note before getting tongue pierced

The professional body piercer as compared to the mall or jewelry shop piercer are well trained and have knowledge about the structure of tongue, location of nerves and blood vessels and avoid injury to them. They have knowledge about sterilization techniques and its importance. The tongue piercing is done under anesthesia and proper aftercare instructions and help are given. So make a note of the following before getting your tongue pierced:

1.    Whether the body piercing centre is regularized or not?

2.   Whether the person is trained in tongue piercing or not: Inquire about the piercer’s experience.

3.   The studio is well kept and clean: Ideally, the studio should have 5 separate rooms i.e. reception area, waiting room, piercing room, washroom, and a sterilization room.

4.   Proper sterilization technique is followed: Examine each tool, including the needle. The instruments should be placed on a sterile dental drape, and your piercer should be wearing sterile gloves.

5.   Disposable needles are used: All needles should be in separate sterile packets and should be opened in your presence. NEVER allow a piercer use a needle on you that was dipped in a liquid.

6.   Jewelry should not have been dipped in any caustic solution.

7.   Jewelry should be of proper standardized material such as surgical grade stainless  steel.

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