Tongue is a very sensitive area our our body and an extremely important part of our mouth. Before undergoing tongue piercing, it is extremely important to understand how its is done and  the advantages / disadvantages of these piercing instruments. Tongue Piercing is commonly done with a piercing gun or  with the needle

Piercing Guns

These have been used for a long time for piercing of various body parts including tongue. But these guns should be banned for many reasons. First and foremost is sterilization issue, these piercing guns are made of plastic and thus cannot be sterilized in an autoclave. Many people who use piercing guns do wipe it with gauze of alcohol or antiseptic, but how effective is it in preventing cross contamination. Some may not even do that. But seriously do you really think that a wipe with alcohol will remove all the disease carrying micro-organisms and the blood with which the gun has come in contact with while the piercing the tongue. Remember our mouth is full of hundreds and hundreds of micro-organisms, will these all be removed with usual wiping/cleaning procedure followed at these places. No it not the gun can be a source of life threatening infections such as HIV, Hepatitis, and various others.

Sterilization is not the only reason for the want of banning the piercing guns by most professional, trauma to the tissues at the site of piercing is another. The piercing usually forces the blunt stud through the tissue cutting it through and through making the place for the jewelry in the tissue. The tongue jewelry fits tightly with no space around it for movement. The tissues around the stud fail to heal and get necrosed due to the lack of oxygen. The wound gets further infected when the jewelry is turned many times a day as told by the piercer, allowing bacteria around and over the tongue piercing to enter the new wound. Thus it takes longer to heal than the piercing done by the needle.

Tongue Piercing


Use of Needle for Piercing Tongue

 A piercing needle is sharp hollow instrument which cuts through the tongue making a room for the jewelry. The jewelry is then inserted. It is a short process almost painless and is completed within seconds. The needles are made of metal and can easily be sterilized in an autoclave. The stud is little loose proving space for the new wound to breathe. The tongue usually heals faster and with lesser complications as compared to the piercing done by gun.


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