Gum Surgery, also known as Periodontal Surgery, is a kind of minor or major dental surgery used to treat the gums, gingiva and the oral tissues around the teeth and the surrounding jaw bone which hold the teeth in the alveolar sockets.

A Dentist specializing in the treatment of gum disease and surrounding periodontal tissues is known as a Periodontist. According to estimates, about one third of the world population suffers from some kind of gum disease during its lifetime. Dental professionals world over recommend and perform gum surgeries, scaling and root planing, periodontal surgeries and similar gum treatments to their patients. Periodontal conditions like shallow or deep gingival pockets (gaps between the gingival tissue and tooth surfaces infested with microbes and lodged with food debris) and loss of bone support call for an immediate attention of the Dentist. The signs and symptoms of gum disease like bad breath, bleeding from gums or sore gums may vary from person to person. Chronic gum diseases are often painless and hence may progress without any significant discomfort to the patient.

Gingivectomy Surgery

Gingival Flap Surgery

Preparing Patients for Gum Disease Surgery 

Patient preparation before any gum disease surgery is a vital step. Before the gum surgery, the patient must be educated about the procedure, its risks and its aftercare. The Periodontist must inform the patient about all the necessary, accurate and honest information about the surgical procedure.

The patient undergoing gum disease surgery must be instructed to maintain good oral hygiene after the surgery so as to avoid any infection. Proper tooth cleaning, scaling and root planing are some of the essential steps to be performed before gum surgeries and are aimed at eliminating any microorganisms from the surgical site. This also includes eliminating true or false pockets to enhance optimum oral hygiene.

Adequate information about the procedures is necessary for patient to reduce anxiety. An informed consent must be signed by the patient before the gum surgery. The Periodontist and the assisting staff must take all the necessary precautions for infection control. The patient must be seated comfortably during the surgery and hence, proper positioning of the patient is necessary. Special care must be taken in case of pregnant women. Any major surgery on pregnant women should be avoided. A patient wearing any eyeglasses or removable or complete dentures must be asked to remove them. The patient must be properly draped before the surgery. Application of an antiseptic ointment on the face before surgery helps to prevent infection. Female patients must remove lipstick, cosmetics or jewelry worn on the face.


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