Various filling materials are available. But the question arises which filling material should be used where. When we are thinking about the filling material our major concern is the health of the patient, to restore the form and the function of the tooth and the esthetics.

Before a material is considered for the filling it should full fill various requirements. Now the question arises what are the requirement for the ideal filling material. These are

1.   Ease of use-it should be easy to use

2.   Be tooth colored-if it has to be used for the front teeth where esthetic is of main concern

3.   Adhesive to tooth substance-it should have good bonding with the tooth

4.   Protection from recurrent caries-it should have properties so that it can protect the tooth from recurrent caries like materials having fluoride

5.   Adequate strength-the filling material should have adequate strength so tat the filling does not fracture under masticatory forces.

6.   Insoluble and nontoxic- the filling material shold be insoluble in the oral fluids and it should not be toxic.

7.   No change of volume on setting –the filling material should not change volume that is it should not expand or shrink on setting

8.   Abrasion resistance – the filling material should have adequate abrasion resistance that is it should not wear out easily.

9.   Durability- the material should be durable

          Restoration of Lower Front Tooth with Composite Restoration 

Restoration of Back Teeth with Silver Amalgam

Various consideration for the selection of the material for the particular tooth

Some times it is very difficult to access the tooth or properly isolate it. In that case we try not to use the materials which require proper isolation otherwise they fail. Like in children teeth . In such cases we avoid using composites as composite requires very good isolation.

Other considerations

1.   Anterior tooth-for anterior toot we select the material which can give good esthetics like composites.

2.   Accessibility of the tooth to be restored. 

3.   Position of Tooth in the mouth.

4.   Posterior tooth- for posterior tooth we select the material with good strength to withstand force of mastication like posterior composites or amalgam. 

5.   Other factors under consideration of patient. 

6.   Oral hygiene of patient .

7.   Preventive practices. 

8.   Oral habits

9.   Size of restoration. 

10.  Cooperation of patient with dentist  


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